• Phil Ochs Being Remembered & Celebrated These Days! 10-31-13

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    Phil Ochs Being Remembered & Celebrated These Days - Special Vic Sadot Journal for Discussion by Broadside Balladeers Group at Last FM!

    Among the greatest of all "Broadside Balladeers" ever is Phil Ochs! There are many good signs that Phil Ochs is being remembered and appreciated these days.

    The wonderful movie by Director Kenneth Bowser, "Phil Ochs: There But For Fortune" has been out for a few years now. It really treated Phil with dignity, respect, honesty, and genuine appreciation. See more at

    The Phil Ochs Tribute and Memorabilia site known as "No More Songs" is going strong with many people contributing free downloads there. While preparing to move to California in 2008, I found the old reel-to-reel tape of my May 1973 interview with Phil Ochs in Washington, DC with Rich Lang on WGTB. I got a friend to digitalize and preserve it for me. Then I gave it to "No More Songs" for use as a free download. Phil had just returned from travels in South America where he had met and traveled with Victor Jara in Chile. But on the show he wanted to talk about Watergate, which was just beginning to get traction that would end up in Nixon's resignation. Phil sang "Here's to The State of Richard Nixon". See

    Hot Tip from Broadside Balladeer Vic:
    Last I looked there was a free download of John Lennon on electric slide guitar backing Phil Ochs on acoustic guitar singing "Chords of Fame" at the free downloads section at

    Another Hot Spot for listening to political singers of all genres is at No Lies Radio, an internet only 24/7 Pacifica affiliate radio station with its own music programming by Teri Perticone. If she likes an artist, she will contact that person or band and set up an interview for her "Back Stage" program, she will list their link in the Artist Section, and she will give them a place in the rotation.

    Their No Lies Radio Facebook interface is here:

    Phil's sister Sonny Ochs is still doing "Phil Ochs Song Nights" that bring people together in places all over the world to sing Phil's songs and their tribute songs to him. Sonny Ochs will be coming to California in November 2013 to do a tour with several musicians involved. This is Sonny's web site page where she tells you about these "Phil Ochs Song Nights":

    This is the Facebook event link to the Phil Ochs Song Night in San Francisco scheduled for Nov. 16:

    Sonny recently posted an adorable photo of her as elder sister taking care of her baby brother in a diaper in 1941. That baby became the greatest topical protest singer of his era. Sonny Ochs' Facebook has lots of cool current photos too.

    There's a nice photo of Sonny Ochs with Gene Shay who is a Philadelphia icon of folk music with his long running radio show. But what many may not know is that one of Gene's projects was to put out an album of his own favorite folk singers doing Phil Ochs songs. That's a masterpiece! "What's That I Hear?: The Songs of Phil Ochs":'s_That_I_Hear%3F:_The_Songs_of_Phil_Ochs

    Another really cool thing I just found at Sonny Ochs Facebook page was posted by one of her friends. Neil Young did a fine rendition and tribute to Phil Ochs at Farm Aid this year by doing one of Phil's most poetic songs, "Changes". It's on the Farm Aid YouTube Channel! He really talks Phil Ochs up in the long-winded introduction calling him "one of the greatest poets who ever lived".

    Phil Ochs was highlighted in the Smithsonian Museum Folkways Collection along with his old friends who founded Broadside: The National Topical Song Magazine in the early 60's, Sis Cunningham and Gordon Friesen. They had come from Oklahoma with Woody Guthrie. Woody and Sis founded The Almanac Singers with Pete Seeger and several others who went on to join the more famous and commercially successful Weavers.

    Here's a recent "Broadside Balladeer Blog" that might also serve to get a good discussion going and revitalize this "Broadside Balladeers" group.

    Phil Ochs Highlighted in Smithsonian Folkways Collection - Broadside Balladeer Blog by Vic Sadot at Blogspot

    If you have suggestions, or want to get more involved, please write to me here or at But you don't need to wait for me to post here to get a discussion thread going. Make it your place too if you love Broadside Balladeers! Everyone is welcome to participate in the conversation and to suggest other singers and topics for discussion in this "Broadside Balladeers Group"! Best wishes to all! You can follow me on Facebook as Vic Sadot, on Twitter as "TruthTroubadour" or at my official website

    Phil Ochs Artist Page at Last FM

    Sorry for not being more involved with the Broadside Balladeers Group here for a while. Life pulls you this way and that and you make your commitments as you go. I'm Chair of a local Social Justice Committee in Berkeley that plans lectures, movie screenings, and runs a monthly open mic.

    There's a nice studio here in Berkeley that I have felt comfortable recording in for several years on a regular basis called Robot Envy Studio and I feel a great rapport in working with owner/engineer Sammy Fielding. My latest "Broadsides" from there get posted at my site at

    The latest ones are Stop Monsanto, No Nuke Blues Fukushima Update, Courage To Resist - Free Chelsea Manning, An Act of State: The Execution of Martin Luther King, and Full Spectrum Dominance with my brother Rob Sadot on electric guitar during his first visit to California in Oct 2012. A multi-instrumentalist wizard has been contributing his talents to some of my recordings as well, the much-in-demand Eric Golub of Alameda, CA, who has many of his own projects posted at SoundCloud.

    As to this group, you can write to me here or directly at

    Yours Truly!
    Vic Sadot

    See also these links of possible interest:

    Phil Ochs Group at LastFM

    Phil Ochs Interview in May 1973 by Vic Sadot and Rich Lang WGTB in DC (39.62 MB) Free download at No More Songs – A Phil Ochs Collection – A great Phil Ochs Tribute & Memorabilia Site! You may have to register to download things. You can simply listen and read things of, by, and about Phil Ochs...

    PHIL OCHS FBI FILE by Vic Sadot was first published in 1982 in Broadside Magazine. Re-published at the Official Vic Sadot Website in 2011

    Broadside Balladeer - A Crazy Planet Band Tribute to Phil Ochs by Vic Sadot, Video by Dean Banks

    Broadside Balladeer - An acoustic version of the Tribute to Phil Ochs by Vic Sadot with Vic Sadot on guitar and vocals and Eric Golub on violin posted at Sound Cloud

    Love Me I'm A Liberal - Vic Sadot 2011 Update of Phil Ochs 1966 Classic on "Berkeley Calling" at Last FM

    What would Phil Ochs be writing about these days? No way to know for sure, but when I'm writing songs I think about what Phil might do with subjects and they come out like this for me. Sixteen VIC SADOT CRAZY PLANET BAND SONGS to keep on rockin' in the post 9/11 “Free World”! .

    “9/11 TRUTH and JUSTICE SONGS" - 10th Anniversary Edition.
    1 Ballad of William Rodriguez, 2 Cheney's in the Bunker, 3 Blowback or Bloody Treason, 4 Trouble in the Rubble, 5 Ballad of Mohammed Atta, 6 Mad Cowboy Disease, 7 Ballad of Pat Tillman, 8 Tell John Yoo That Torture Is A Crime! 9 Love Me I'm A Liberal (update of Phil Ochs' 1966 classic on liberal posturing includes 9/11 themes), 10 Broadside Balladeer, 11 Nightmare of New Orleans, 12 London Calling 70705, 13 Are You A Citizen, 14 Oh What A Day!, 15 Simple Song of Freedom (update of Bobby Darin's wonderful 1969 anthem to struggle), 16 Ride the Wind (Stand the Storm)

  • Nightmare of New Orleans - Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

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    "Nightmare of New Orleans" was written by Vic Sadot as a Cajun blues song about a year after Hurricane Katrina devasated New Orleans. The song is about the criminally negligent response to Hurricane Katrina before, during, and after that catastrophe. There were grave warnings of possible disaster for New Orleans in the Times Picayune and National Geographic in the year before the tragic and deadly event. For many Americans, the militarization of the rescue mission was one of the most disconcerting aspects of the Bush-Cheney regime's response to the flooding. FEMA even hired mercenaries from Blackwater to "restore order".

    Films such as "When the Levees Broke", "Trouble the Water", and "The Big Uneasy" reveal the pathetic and inhumane character of the emergency response. "The Big Uneasy" gives a forum to whistleblowers and community people who are not adequately covered by the corporate mainstream press these days. After watching "The Big Uneasy" by Harry Shearer in September 2010, Vic Sadot created a music video of his song.

    Vic Sadot YouTube Music Video for Nightmare of New Orleans

    Nightmare of New Orleans - Lyrics & Comments by Vic Sadot

    Do you know what the French word “cauchemar” means?
    It’s a “nightmare” like right there in New Orleans!
    When they let the levees sink in disrepair
    The warnings were shrill, but they still didn’t care
    Yes, Bush cut the budget… Sent the money to war
    Now the great “Crescent City”… has death at her door

    Well, Bush is a Nero fiddlin’ kind of guy
    He flew over the city in a plane in the sky
    The next day he’s back on vacation again’
    Playing golf with his corporate empire friends
    It’s “criminal negligence”, leaving people to die!
    Now the mighty “Big Easy”’s left wondering why…

    Est-ce que vous connaissez “nightmare” en anglais?
    C’est la Nouvelle Orleans completement sinistree!
    C’est criminelle de laisser les gens la mourir
    De ne pas les fournir les miens a partir
    Une tempete sauvage d’eau et de vent
    C’est le cauchemar de…la Nouvelle Orleans

    The “Free Market” way to evacuate New Orleans
    Was to issue an order without providing the means
    For the poor to get out…There was simply no way!
    Hard winds and high waters came crashing that day!
    Now I see what that singer was trying to say
    When he said that “they’re trying to wash us away”

    Do you know what the French word “cauchemar” means?
    It’s a “nightmare” like right there in New Orleans!
    When they let the levees sink in disrepair
    The warnings were shrill, but they still didn’t care
    Yes, Bush cut the budget… Sent the money to war
    Now the great “Crescent City”…will never be like before

    Est-ce que vous connaissez “nightmare” en anglais?
    C’est la Nouvelle Orleans completement sinistree!
    C’est criminelle de laisser les gens la mourir
    De ne pas les fournir les miens a partir
    Un enfer predit pour les plus indigents
    C’est le cauchemar de… la Nouvelle Orleans

    Copyright September 3, 2005 Victor Rene Sadot/BMI/Orbian Love Music

    Vic Sadot & Crazy Planet Band
    Vic Sadot Music Videos with French Descriptions
    Vic Sadot & Planete Folle at CD Baby "Comin' Home" CD 1997 release
    Vic Sadot & Crazy Planet Band at CD Baby "Broadsides & Retrospectives" 2005 release
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  • bob dylan.

    22. Aug. 2009, 23:04 von anniesaunders

    watching Bob Dylan perform was like seeing 68-year-old Brigitte Bardot in a bikini.

    used to be great, is just a little pathetic and sad.

    he's still good, it's just not the same. i would be one of the people at the london 1965 tour saying that he sold out, it was a bunch of racket.
  • Greatest Experimental Rock Songs

    1. Apr. 2009, 17:25 von RadioheadOasis

    This is just a list of early Experimental Rock Songs from the mid to late 60's. Progressive Rock, Psychedelic rock, electronic, musique concrete, jazz fusion, and World Music influences are the basis of the list. It's no order.

    King Crimson- In The Court Of The Crimson King-King Crimson-
    King Crimson- Epitaph-King Crimson
    King Crimson- 21st Century Schizoid Man
    King Crimson- Talk to the Wind
    Jimi Hendrix Experience- Voodoo Chile-
    Jimi Hendrix Experience - Are You Experienced
    Jimi Hendrix Experience- Third Stone From The Sun
    Jimi Hendrix Experience- And The Gods Made Love
    Frank Zappa- Who Are the Brain Police
    Frank Zappa- The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet
    Frank Zappa- Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
    Frank Zappa - Peaches En Regalia
    The Who- The Ox
    The Who- Quick one while he's away
    The Who- Armenia in the Sky
    The Nice - The Diamond Hard Blue Apples Of The Moon
    The Nice - America 1968
    The Nice- Rondo
    The Byrds “Eight Miles High”
    The Byrds "Mind Garden"
    The Silver Apples- Oscillations
    The Silver Apples - Ruby
    The Silver Apples - Seagreen Serenades
    The Beach Boys- Good Vibrations
    GENESIS - In the Beginning
    GENESIS - The Serpent
    The Beatles- Tomorrow Never Knows”
    The Beatles - A Day in the Life”
    The Beatles- Within You Without You
    The Beatles- Revolution 9
    The Yardbirds- Still Im Sad”
    The Yardbirds- Over Under Sideways Down
    Pink Floyd- A Saucerful of Secrets
    Pink Floyd- Interstellar Overdrive
    Pink Floyd- Astromony Domine
    Pink Floyd- Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun
    Pink Floyd- Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a Cave and Grooving with a Pict
    The Rolling Stones- Gomper
    The Rolling Stones- 2,000 Light Years From Home
    Giles, Giles & Fripp - Make it today
    The Velvet Underground- Heroin
    The Velvet Underground- Venus In Furs
    The Velvet Underground- Sister Ray
    Soft Machine- Moon In June
    Soft Machine- Joy of a Toy
    Soft Machine - Hibou, Anemone & Bear
    Steve Miller Band- The Beauty of Time Is That It's Snowing
    The Monks - Shut Up
    Renaissance - Kings and Queens
    Colosseum - Valentyne Suite part 1
    The Doors- The End
    The Doors- Strange Days
    The Doors- Crystal Ship
    PROCOL HARUM- In Held 'Twas in I
    Van Der Graaf Generator- Octopus
    Van Der Graaf Generator- Afterwards
    Red Crayola Hurricane- Fighter Plane
    Red Crayola- Free Form Freakout
    Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band- When Big Joan Sets Up
    Jethro Tull- Dharma for One
    Jethro Tull-"Bourée" (J. S. Bach arr. Jethro Tull
    Tangerine Dream- Journey Through a Burning Brain
    Tangerine Dream - Genesis
    The Quintessence - Midnight Mode
    Spirit- Mechanical World –
    Spirit- Taurus
    H.P. Lovecraft- At The Mountains of Madness
    H.P. Lovecraft- Electrallentando
    Tomorrow- My White Bicycle
    Traffic- Paper Sun
    Country Joe & The Fish- Section 43
    The Incredible String Band- Creation
    The Incredible String Band - The Iron Stone
    The United States of America- Cloud Song
    The United States of America - The Garden of Earthly Delights
    Electric Prunes- 'To Much To Dream Last Night'
    The Moody Blues- Nights in White Satan
    The Moody Blues- Om
    Donovan- Three Kingfishers
    Paul Butterfield Blue Band- East-west"
    The Pretty Things- "Defecting Grey
    Jefferson Airplane- Two Heads"
    Jefferson Airplane- Embryonic Journey
    Jefferson Airplane- A Small Package of Value Will Come to You, Shortly
    It's a Beautiful Day- White Bird"
    Jeff Beck- Beck’ s Bolero
    Led Zeppelin- Black Mountain Side
    Led Zeppelin- How Many More Times
    Cream- Toad
    Cream- White Room
    High Tide - Death Warmed Up
    Os Mutantes - Dia 36
    Les Yper Sound - Psyche Rock
    The Fourth Way - The far side of your moon
    Arzachel - Leg
    East of Eden - Northern Hemisphere
    Xhol Caravan - All Green
    The Family - The Chase
    The Electric Tomorrow- Sugarcube
    Ceyleib People – Changes
    Status Quo- Technicolour Dreams
    White Noise - Love Without Sound
    High Tide - Death Warmed Up
  • The Beatles influence on the Byrds and Folk Rock.

    28. Feb. 2009, 3:55 von RadioheadOasis

    At the same time all this was happening, McGuinn also experienced a major epiphany that would have a profound effect on his musical future: The Beatles had exploded onto the American charts. Captivated by their skiffle beat, mellifluous chord progressions, and infectious melodies, he instinctively knew that melding those distinguishing characteristics with his own tried-and-true folk sensibilities and training would yield a pretty unique sound.

    "When the Beatles had come out, the folk boom had already peaked," McGuinn notes. "The people who had been into it were getting kind of burned out. It just wasn't very gratifying, and it had become so commercial that it had lost its meaning for a lot of people. So the Beatles kind of re-energized it for me. I thought it was natural to put the Beatles' beat and the energy of the Beatles into folk music. And in fact, I heard folk chord changes in the Beatles' music when I listened to their early stuff like 'She Loves You' and 'I Want To Hold Your Hand.' I could hear the passing chords that we always use in folk music: the G-Em-Am-B kind of stuff. So I really think the Beatles invented folk-rock. They just didn't know it."

    Future bands like the Grateful Dead, the Lovin Spoonful, and the Jefferson Airplane went electric because of the Beatles influence. Bob Dylan once remarked when he first heard the Beatles that they were heading the direction music was heading.
  • Country Rock Timeline

    5. Mär. 2009, 16:07 von RadioheadOasis

    These are the early Country Rock songs and it's timeline

    The Beatles - I Don't Want To Spoil The Party (Capitol/EMI) 1964
    The Byrds - Satisfied Mind (Columbia) 1965
    Downliners Sect - I Got Mine (Columbia) 1965
    The Dillards - Lemon Chimes (Capitol) 1965
    Byrds - Mr. Spaceman (Columbia) 1966
    Charles River Valley Boys - I've Just Seen A Face (Elektra) 1966
    The Greenbriar Boys - Up To My Neck In High Muddy Waters (Vanguard) 1966
    International Submarine Band - Truck Drivin' Man (Ascot) 1966
    Gosdin Brothers - Love At First Sight (World Pacific) 1966
    The Greenbriar Boys - Different Drum (Vanguard) 1966
    Gene Clark & The Gosdin Brothers - Keep On Pushin' (Columbia) 1967
    Gosdin Brothers - A Hundred Years From Now (Edict) 1967
    Byrds - Time Between (Columbia) 1967
    Hearts And Flowers - I'm A Lonesome Fugitive (Capitol) 1967
    Byrds - The Girl With No Name (Columbia) 1967
    Ian & Sylvia - Big River (MGM) 1967
    Buffalo Springfield - A Child's Claim To Fame (Atco) 1967
  • Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009

    17. Apr. 2009, 11:04 von Stormsong

    3 days of great Michel Montecrossa and Bob Dylan songs and films at this year's 'Michel & Bob Dylan Fest'. Read more about the event here:
    Michel & Bob Dylan Fest 2009

    More info for 'Michel Montecrossa sings Bob Dylan' you find at:

  • Bob Dylan at the Sheffield Arena

    26. Apr. 2009, 21:58 von lis-sukie

    Fri 24 Apr – Bob Dylan

    This Bob Dylan gig was the second concert I've seen at the Sheffield Arena. The first was Queen + Paul Rodgers last October. The two shows probably couldn't have been more different. For starters, I felt like I was miles away from Queen+PR when I saw them. Despite the big screens and fancy light show, there was no denying that Brian May was a tiny ant running around with a speck of a guitar. I was within yards of Dylan on Friday night.

    Dylan doesn't go in for flashy lights every song. We had low, medium and bright depending on the mood of the songs and off between them. A few times we had simple patterns rendered in white light projected onto the black walls, such as the stars Bob swore to forsake one of the handful of times that he ventured to the front of the stage to play a raw and heartrending Boots of Spanish Leather. As he barks "How can, how can you ask me again?", I can feel the sound waves trembling through the floor and travel past my feet all the way to my head where they'll ring forevermore.

    I'm not going to say Queen+PR were predictable when I saw them, but I did know more or less most of what they would do and that it would sound a lot like the album or previous live versions. Now Dylan, of course, is famous for reworking his songs and surprising people with his set list. I don't think there were that many people, if anyone at all, who expected Bob to walk on stage and jump straight in with Cat's in the Well and to follow it with It's All Over Now Baby Blue. Now, that song was so different from the familiar version that it took me most of the first vese of the song to clock which one it was, even though it's one of my favourites.

    Before I went to the show, I was warned that the shows he'd done recently weren't very good, that he mumbles so much you can't identify the song, that he doesn't talk. He didn't mumble too much, in my opinion. It was only during Things Have Changedthat it took me forever to spot the song, but that's probably because I'm not very familiar with it. He did lose a few words towards the end of It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding), so we did get a couple of lines that came out "nuh ru-ru-ruh mu hu na guillotine!", but the fact that he played that one at all earns him the brownie points to get away with it.

    The fact that he played some of my older favourites of course made me very happy. He can only ever play some favourites because he's written so many great songs over the years and not even he can cram them into just two hours. Then there were newer favourites like Love Sick, Make You Feel My Love and Spirit on the Water and the surprises in Cats in the Well and Highway 61 Revisited. I wouldn't trade this as a first time set-list with anyone. Unless we start getting into the possibilities of time travel, in which case that's a different story...

    How could people complain about the sound? And how could people walk out before the end? I thought we'd left that sort of silliness to the mid-sixties when bereft folkies were weeping with frustration over Bob's nerve to start playing an electric guitar in public. The difference this time is that people mourn the fact that he doesn't play guitar at his show. It seems times really have changed.

    I would never think of complaining that Bob only played guitar the one time in two hours, or his lack of mobility or the absence of big screens because he was on my side of the stage and I got to watch him dance about as he expertly went at the keyboard and sang in a mostly-understandable way. He seemed to be enjoying himself a lot and I think it showed in the quality of the music and the fantastic show that he gave us on Friday. And I honestly don't think I'm just saying that because it was my first time.
  • The Most Influential Rock Albums

    27. Mai. 2009, 17:22 von RadioheadOasis

    1- The Beatles- Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967)
    2- The Beach Boys- Pet Sounds (1966)
    3- Bob Dylan- Bringing it All Back Home
    4- Jimi Hendrix- Are You Experienced
    5- In The Court of Crimson King - King Crimson (prog rock)
    6- Black Sabbath- Black Sabbth
    7- Velvet Underground & Nico- Velvet Underground
    8- Kraftwerk - Trans-Europa Express
    9- The Beatles- Revolver
    10- Led Zeppelin 1- by Led Zeppelin
    11- The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators - 13th Floor Elevators (psychedelic rock
    12- Elvis Presley- Elvis Presley
    13- Bob Dylan- "Highway 61 Revisited
    14- David Bowie, The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars
    15- The Clash, London Calling
    16- The Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks
    17- Nirvana- Nevermind
    18- Master of Puppets - Metallica
    19- Chuck Berry- Is on Top
    20- Robert Johnson King of the Delta Blues Singers
    21- The Ramones- The Ramones
    22- Joni Mitchell- Blue
    23- Brian Eno- Discreet Music
    24- The Beatles- Meet The Beatles
    25- The Who- My Generation
    26- The Stooges - The Stooges
    27- Patti Smith- Horses
    28- REM- Murmur
    29- Van Halen- Van Halen
    30- OK Computer- Radiohead
  • DylanTube - The Best Bob Dylan Videos on the Net

    23. Okt. 2008, 7:36 von dylantube is a collection of hand picked Bob Dylan videos that is run by hardcore Dylan fan Josh Lobley.
    DylanTube regularly posts Bob Dylan videos and for each one Josh's thoughts and opinions are there with it. Josh encourages visitors to share their thoughts also by posting comments to the videos. is definitely the place to talk respectively about the best Bob Dylan videos on the net!

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