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Given that Lady Gaga's style and sounds have dominated the year in pop it may only surprise a few of you that she's stormed to the top of our listener chart. Released in the UK in January (although other territories had it earlier) The Fame has proved to be the most impressive, assured, catchy and triumphant debut album of the year, and possibly for a lot longer than that too. A fully-formed star from the off, Lady GaGa brought electro, hip-hop, pop, dance and a little dash of rock to the party, a lively cocktail that proved tough to shake on radio stations, TV shows, soundtracks... pretty much anywhere with a speaker actually.

Crashing into the number one spot in this year's countdown - and stealing the crown from 2009's winner Lady Gaga - is 23-year-old Ke$ha. She's proved practically untouchable in the race to the top, clocking up a quite astonishing 15.9 million scrobbles over the year. Like second-placed artists Mumford & Sons, Ke$ha's rise to fame has been rapid since the release of her bubbly electro hit TiK ToK last year. That track remains her most popular with you, standing at nearly 5.4 million scrobbles, way ahead of her next most scrobbled track, Your Love is My Drug, which picked up 2.1 million.

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