Octave music awards

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    • 27. Jun. 2007, 9:53

    Octave music awards

    The Octave music awards, hosted by Bel-RTL radio, the Sabam and the Conseil de la Musique, were given out last Thursday. The winners were:

    Chanson française: Sacha Toorop
    Jazz: Melanie De Biasio
    Classical: Choeur de Chambre de Namur
    Pop Rock: Sharko
    Octave d'honneur: Pierre Rapsat
    Show of the year: Zoé
    Album of the year: Sharko
    Artist of the Year: Maurane

    I think someone likes Sharko (and they are pretty good in fact). They turned up in the audience at a show the next day by Melanie de Biasio.

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