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In honorable memory of "JEDDY-3", otherwise simply known as "Jed". He was created in the kitchen, but died of alcohol poisoning. He could run, walk, sing, talk - and even compile thoughts, which...

According to the song, Jed the Humanoid (originally called JEDDY-3, then just Jed) was a homemade robot assembled in the kitchen, made out of 'this and that and, whatever was at hand'. Among other things, Jed was capable of compiling thoughts and solving problems, as well as singing and talking, and performing actions such as running and walking. Jed also wrote poems. Poems for no one.

Although his creators praised and celebrated when he was built, after a few years his owners began to forget and ignore Jed, paying him less attention with the wave of new technology, leading to his eventual suicide after a bottle of booze he drank, causing his system to die.

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