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Group for anybody who wants to contribute to the project BandLogos.

Logos submissions overflow
We are looking for volunteers regarding logos moderation.

Hosting needed
We are always looking for new mirror of the application (that would be maintained independently).
The current server load is delaying the banners' regeneration.

Logos request

How to request?
1. Check first the full list.
2. Include: link to the image, name of the band and link to the page.
The logo need to be edited with these criterias :
- Black on white color
- Width between 150px and 160px
- Height max 120px
- High contrast (see the general looking of the others logos)
- Format accepted jpg, png or gif
3. Post in the appropriate thread
4. Finally be patient

Many genres are not included. You can volunteer by creating a new thread or by supporting existing thread.
Moderators identify sets of logos that are ready to be included.

If you are ready to moderate logos, simply share a Dropbox folder with the user account

The generator is currently maintained at those urls: | group page

IMPORTANT: The original maintainer doesn't have the time to maintain the website. You may alternatively host the application yourself.

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