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Music of the space-age jet set, cocktail music, tiki, mambo, now sound, samba, moog, elegant and light bossa nova, easy listening from the 50s and 60s

Welcome to the Home of the "In" Sound: Chic Kitsch Music with a Beat and Style !

This is the bachelor pad of the odd-ball, weird Americans of the 50s who brought us hi-fi stereophonic records (Stereo Action! Perfect Presence Sound! Audio Fidelity! Wall-to-Wall Stereo!) and the first synthesizer music (Moog! Persuasive/Provocative Percussion!).

Drinking cocktails to the sound of cool brazilian crooners singing their smooth and lazy bossa nova and samba - the ultimate music for the new optimistic era of the 60s...

Pre-70s a-Go-Go discotheque music, listened to by the hip crowd, nipping a dry martini...

Ultimate bachelor pad for him, with - somewhere - high fidelity stereo equipment (from: Down With Love)

Ultimate bachelor pad for her, with, also - somewhere - high fidelity stereo equipment (from: Down With Love)

And meanwhile in a cocktail bar in the Space Age...

Everything went swell, until he met... !

An outer space phantasy of a jet set bachelor - traveling in style...

Meeting the aliens from next door for a supersonic cocktail

The incredibly strange Bas Sheva outsinging Yma Sumac

Imagining peculiar rituals bordering on schmalz in your bachelor den

"In" people watched "Peter Gunn" on their television sets from 1958 to 1961

In 1962 our goofy bachelor visited the Seattle World's Fair for the Space Needle and the Bubbleator

Those hip commercials (zoom!-pop!-pow!) of the sixties ...

And now we're flying out of the swank world of the Space Age Bachelor....

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