Anti-Social Artists interested in Intellectual Revolution

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OK, everyone realizes the world is dominated by globalization and commerce. Buying and consumerism has sadly become a part of our North American culture. This group is devoted to artists,...

'Only anti-social people make for good Socioligists'

I'm trying to get this group going while I continue my Philosophical Studies. I'm a Philosophy major and will be adding current forums throughout the semester, as time permits. This group is open to everyone and it would be greatly appreciated if members were active, therefore increasing relevent arguments and discussions. Most forum posts originated by 'fantomgreen' will be philosophical, sociological, and psychological in nature. I hope members will actively read and reply to posted forums. This group is open to any possible discussion and criticism. Any intellectual theories and ideas will be considered. Please don't be hesitant to reply to forums, for that is the sole purpose of this group.

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