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For anyone who can't stand nu-metal, this overrated gay rap shit, the music is horrible, the lyrics are retarded (laughable at times). Death to all nu-metal, false metal, emo crap.

"Today is a Good Day to Die - is dedicated for all the motherfuckin' losers in the world who have tried to put us and our fans down. We only wish to live long enough to Piss on the grave of our enemies." - by Joey DeMaio of Manowar
This group is dedicated to fight against the Anti Manowar Nazis. These are the inductees to the Anti Manowar Nazis' Hall of Shame, retards who listen to crap music made for porbafingó needledick faggot kids: HeDog, 0k0k0k0, Rooster____, Kavit, Myaxe, potheadplated = Black_Octember-, grimmvibes, SteampunkSatan and chaddd_ who used to be a boy. The worst of the idiots who come here to insult Manowar, this group and its members will join the list.

Check this out for a good LOL:
Visit our sister group Anti Manowar

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