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Against immatured on (such as neo-nazis,wannabes,trolls etc.)

Tired of kids posting shit on shoutboxes,band pages,on their journals/about me section,shoutboxes everywhere ?

Tired of internet wannabes/tough guys ?

Tired of wannabe kvlt satanist kiddies ?

Tired of immatured avatars or pictures on someones profiles (like that retarded church burning thing) ?

Tired of lame groups which got no less than pity from you (and sometimes you won't give even that to them) ?

Tired of people only joining your group(s) and recommending their shit in your group(s) (example jesus sucks on christianity groups or nazi groups on anti-nazi groups etc.) ?

Tired of bands who join only to promote their music and adding everyone to their friends to advertise their music without even giving any backround info who they are and what kind of music they play ?

Tired of journals which got hundreds of bands but no text just to advertise users profile all over band system ?

Tired of kids who post other than offical band photos to band images ?

Tired of very lame tags which aren't even related to music anyway example "shit" ?

If you hate immaturity join today. should be more mature.

Immature (info taken from

Teenage guys who:

1. can't go a minute without making a sexual remark
2. call everything they don't like "gay"
3. openly insult everyone who has a different opinion than theirs, usually with a racial or gay slur
4. have a tendency of shouting words like "PENIS!" in public
5. lack the intelligence to make a formal argument, yet think they're so awesome because they know, as someone before me posted, 100 ways of saying the word "penis" or 100 different sex methods.
6. become alcoholics and do drugs just because "it's cool", without considering that these drugs will cut their life expectancy in half, as well as make them look like total idiots when they're high/drunk
7. call everyone with at least 1.1 times their intelligence a "nerd", because EVERYONE knows that society has deemed it "cool" to be dumb as a stick
8. are the kind that drop their pants on purpose in public, sexually harrass everything that moves, or violate other kinds of dress codes and behavior codes.

Most teenage guys are immature, and not just in real life, but on the internet as well. This site and this site
displays perfect examples of immaturity at its best.

This group doens't got any musical border. To our opinion people are free to listen what they like without fear of being picked by some haters.

Think about joining my "Listening to music isn't a crime" group too, its part of my "against immaturiness on" network.

Happy listenings
Everyone should have freedom of listening to everything what they like.'t+a+crime

There are people which to be considered as "religious fanatics" around the world, if you don't like fanaticism think about joining here:
Against Religious Fanaticism
By joining the group you declare that fanaticism is bad and you don't want to support it.

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