Scars on Broadway

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    Scars on Broadway

    Taken from [url=[/i nofollow=yes]]

    Peter Sore wrote:

    "as far as i know Casey and Daron Malakian from System of A Down have recorded a lot of songs, probably enough songs for 3 albums...i don´t know for sure but i think Zach Hill (of Team Sleep) drummed on these tracks. He also drummed for AMEN some time ago. it could also have been the mighty Roy Mayorga (of Nausea, Soulfly, ) who played drums on these tracks. Roy played on Die Or Follow, We Got The Bait, Abolishment Of LUxury, ...

    anyway, Casey is busy with his own stuff now. he has to take care of a lot of personal stuff.he has done SCUM, he has done NARCOLEPSY (together with JOHN KING) and currently he´s working on the next AMEN album so i don´t think that Scars On Broadway will come out in the nearer future.

    as always in the world of AMEN: everything is untrue until it´s announced officially. and even then it might not be the truth.

    till then,"

    Check out AMEN on myspace here:

  • damn I hate myspace, can someone tell me what's so great about it? it just looks so messy.

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    Quoth MurderCapital:
    damn I hate myspace, can someone tell me what's so great about it? it just looks so messy.

    i joined not too long ago, mainly because i wanted to give another community a go instead of the usual swedish ones. myspace have loads of lagging problems and so on, but what i do like is that it's not just swedes (but a majority of english speakers) and it's not as focused on either "normals" or "alternatives" (lunarstorm versus helgon :P)

    i don't live in sweden anymore and i'm quite tired of "elite/alternative" swedes (i'm still on helgon though if curious; epilepsia there as well.)

  • I had no idea that you lived in Sweden.
    I have lunar, but Im never there, it's just for teeny popers and so on...

    Helgon I had, but the forum was so awful looking, so I left... and I'm not the type of guy that search up people on a community and post like "hey, how are you, like you music taste..." it's just to corny for me.

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    • 7. Okt. 2005, 14:55
    i am a swede actually, hej :) but i moved to england about two years ago after college (gymnasiet.) i was on skunk first, then moved on to lunar, and then when friends set up helgon they asked me to beta test it and so i went there, eventually leaving lunarstorm.

    nowadays it's mainly one way to keep in contact with friends, because i'm not keen on the phone :P i'm not a very outgoing person so you won't find me chatting strangers up, haha.

  • Re:

    Quoth epilepsia:
    i'm not a very outgoing person

    Same here...

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    • 7. Okt. 2005, 15:25
    but i'm not shy for that matter; i just don't like wasting time on people in general 8)

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    • 6. Mai. 2007, 4:53
    Daron and Casey should make an album some day. I've never heard a joint song by them either. If anybody has some kind of leaked pirated whatever give it to me and I'll be your friend. :P

  • i do

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