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  • FREE ANGRY BRIGADE ! (free mp3's)

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    Here is a message from Casey Chaos:

    AMEN 2008


    "Heads Up To The Brigade

    I'm looking forward to going into the studio this weekend with
    longtime friend Franz Stahl (formerly of Foo Fighters, as well as
    Dischord Records legends Scream) and working on some material with
    him. He is a great friend and someone that I have always been a fan

    As far as the new record goes, even though it has been the longest
    period between AMEN records, I needed to take a break. But at the same
    time, I've recorded an abundance of new material for the band. I've
    also had the privilege to take time out to; record the Scum album
    (which has just been re-pressed on vinyl through Candlelight), the
    GrindhallerXXX album (which will be coming out this year), have worked with
    (and am still working with) Rikk Agnew, as well as singing for Rat
    Scabies & Brian James's 30th anniversary of the Damned's Legendary 100
    club gig in London, of which a live CD & DVD is awaiting release. Not to
    forget being asked by Henry Rollins himself to perform on his T.V.
    show amongst Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Queens Of The Stone Age, Mars
    Volta, Shane MacGowen, Joan Jett, Peaches and many others. Hopefully
    working with all of these truly inspiring + influential people has
    contributed to all the work I've put into the new AMEN album. Things
    have been anything but quiet.

    And finally some of you may have heard rumours of us playing SXSW
    in Texas. Unfortunately the secret unannounced show we wanted to play
    will not be possible as time wont permit. So with emails of people
    flying from the U.K. and driving from Kentucky, we want you to know
    what’s happening. The show is still going on, brought to you by the
    good people at Dead City Records. Electric Frankenstein, as well as a
    host of others, will be kickin' out the jams.. so support the scene at
    the Ale House, around the corner from Emo's.

    In closing, we are finally in the early stages of putting together
    AMEN'S RETURN to Australia! Our first time back since we played the
    Big Day out festival. Thanks again to all of you who are still here
    destroying rock n roll.....................



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