A Hope For Home

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Gegründet am: 22. Feb. 2009
from Portland, Oregon. USA

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Experimental/ Ambient

Nathan Winchell //: Vocals
Matt Ellis //: Guitar/ Vocals
Tanner Morita //: Guitar
Dan McCall //: Bass
Eric Gerrard //: Keys
Lance Taylor //: Drums

More Coming...

A Hope For Home / In Abstraction [2011]

1. "Calm" 8:54
2. "Out of Ruin, Misery" 9:07
3. "Firewind" 6:16
4. "Tides" 7:51
5. "The House Where You Were Born" 5:35
6. "Weaved" 5:54
7. "Everything That Rises Must Converge" 9:33

A Hope For Home / Realis [2010]

01. Nightfall
02. The Overman
03. Withering Branches
04. The Machine Stops
05. No Light
06. Post Tenebras Lux
07. First Light of Dawn
08. The Crippling Fear
09. The Warmth of the Heavens
10. Seasons
11. Ascension
12. After

A Hope For Home - The Everlasting Man [2009].

02.Iniquity: An Offering
03.Affliction: The Witness, The Advocate
04.Infidelity: Kingdoms End
05.The Exile
06.Babylon: The Insatiable Thirst
07.Absolution: Of Flight And Failure
08.Masada: The Spiral Staircase
09.Restoration: The Return From Exile
10.Redemption: A Grief Observed
11.The Thousand Years

A Hope For Home / Here, The End [2007]

01.Casting Light Through Such Thin Shadows
02.The Residuum
03.(Grace) We Are The Heirs!
04.Verily I Say, Unto You
05.Of Water And The Spirit
06.My Path,Ascending
08.If, And Only If
09.The Human Project Lives
10.Yea, The Cold Embrace Of The Sea
11.Here, The End


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