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For anyone who enjoys the music of Italian Extreme Epic Metal band, Stormlord. (Or similar and related bands)

-Stormlord fans-

Stormlord is an Italian Extreme Metal band formed in 1991. They are still active today.
They classify their combination of Epic Black Metal, Death Metal, Power Metal, with elements of Gothic, Thrash and traditional music stylings music as 'Extreme Epic Metal'

Be it the fun, bombastic romp of Supreme Art of War, the intensity of At The Gates of Utopia, the dramatic melodies of The Gorgon Cult or the captivating majestic nature of Mare Nostrum, the powerful growls and shrieks of Cristiano Borchi, the fantastic lyrics of Francesco Bucci, the enchanting singing of Giampaolo Caprino and the 'battle choirs', the massive symphonic keys, the absolutely breakneck percussion of David Folchitto, or the crunching riffs and soaring melodies that brought you to enjoy Stormlord: Hail and welcome, Stormlord fan!

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