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    Like An Ever Flowing Stream (1991)

    1. Override Of The Overture

    Override the overture
    Behold the overwhelming power
    Trampled and [fucking] mangled
    By the hordes of terror

    The process of death is our fate to be
    From the skies blood drips like rain
    Tell me how I suffer, tell me how I'll die
    My arms stretched out in eternal pain

    The life that we knew drowned in the stream of death
    The agony within tears my worthless being

    By the blasphemous horror inside
    Enter a world
    Beyond this [fucking] global tomb

    By the visions of things past and gone
    My death arrives
    My fate to be it must be done

    Laid to rest
    Shut my eyes
    Live no more
    Die a countless times

    To the burial ground
    Our flesh are bound
    Our souls will live on
    With the powers beyond

    At the end
    I'm still so cold inside
    Once again
    I would like to share my memories of life

    Show me
    The realm where nothing dies
    If such a place exists
    Please guide my eyes

    2. Soon To Be Dead

    Agonized terrified horrified
    Emotions brutalized
    Crucified nailed to the cross
    With spikes through my hands
    I shall die upon this cross
    All by myself
    Salvations lost
    Soon to be dead

    Consider me as another victim
    Of their plans
    But my choice
    Is not your [fucking] jesus christ
    Now I'm dead alone and
    Rotting on this cross
    But I'll be back

    Hell is what I want
    Hell is what I get
    In the fires I'll burn
    But there's nothing I'll regret

    Hell awaits me
    My soul is raped
    I will get them I will kill them
    At the end of time
    As long they are free
    Preaching their shit
    I'll never find peace

    3. Bleed For Me

    Slowly slicing your body
    Wondering what's inside
    A psychopath addicted to flesh
    Now I'm taking your life

    Hacking through your organs
    Constantly watching your eyes
    I gotta see in your mind
    What happens when you die

    Bleed for me
    Let me see you suffer
    Die for me
    I love to hear you scream

    Dreaming of a death so violent
    Sanity is Draining from me
    I'm forced to murder and slaughter
    By the visions inside my head

    Laughing as you die
    Please make me stop

    If blood is what it takes
    I'll just let it flow

    (Bleed for me
    Let me see you suffer
    Die for me
    I love to hear you scream)

    4. And So Is Life

    Bitter bloodstained tears
    Filling my saddened eyes
    From personal fears
    And all once told lies

    The anger inside
    Waiting for tomorrow
    Sinful suicide
    Wrapped in the cause of sorrow

    At the fiery gates
    With hate I resign
    Though I'll be forever more
    Even the dead can die
    Marching on and on
    Experience the dismal fate
    Through the hellish scorn
    Gather beyond the gates

    Reality now slips away
    Death is the only way
    The moonlight is my blanket
    And my bed is a grave
    Life ends so sadly
    With tears pain and grief
    All my loved ones gone
    And I'm rotting with belief

    And so is life
    At it's end
    Never to be
    More again
    Entered it all
    With belief
    A [fucking] life
    I never lived

    I end my life
    I [fucking] kill myself
    Accept this death
    With open arms
    A piercin' pain
    When I cut it all
    From life to death
    I breathe my last breath

    (And so is life
    At it's end
    Never to be
    More again
    And so is life)

    5. Dismembered

    Brutal orgy of flesh
    A carnal feast for our lord
    Feel your life float away
    As I revel in your blood

    Maggots crawl in your flesh
    Your life is ending here
    Terribly maiming your corpse
    Rotting pieces here and there

    The loss of your life is now a fact
    Dead, eternal hell, awaits
    Rotting soul now dies

    Innocent soul dismembered
    A trophy to our lord
    Enter the dark regions
    And suffer a thousands deaths

    You pray for eternal life
    But your cries are denied
    As you pray to your God
    I spit on your grave

    Slaughter remains
    Enter my ways
    Descend to hell
    llewd yllanrete ll'eW

    (Suffer a thousand deaths)

    Like the rest you all will die
    Cast into the pits of hell

    (The loss of your life is now a fact
    Dead, eternal hell, awaits
    Rotting soul now dies)

    6. Skin Her Alive

    Haunted by my conscious
    Living my life in hell
    Didn't (fucking) hesitate
    When I moved in for the kill

    Screams echoed in the distance
    And I cannot ignore
    Smiling at the memories
    When I slaughtered the whore

    Skin here alive

    Time has come to confess
    I did it for the thrill
    I had never [sings: "would never had"] dreamt of
    That it would be so nice to kill

    Blood colours my thoughts
    Slipping out of time
    Murder is my crime
    Skin here (fucking) alive

    7. Sickening Art

    Twisted thoughts in a shape of death
    Blood is staining on my hands
    Deranged mind, rotting soul
    Homicidal need leads my way

    Warped lust, sickly obsessed
    Prepare yourself for the end
    Blood spurts from the wounds
    As I hack my way through your skull

    Crunching bones, screams of pain
    Violent death after hours of torture
    Bloody corpse put away
    A garden party on festering human remains

    Stewing limbs in the fridge

    Severe dismemberment
    Psychotic ecstasy
    Frenzied disembowelment
    A end to your misery

    Piles of flesh
    Is all that's left
    Suffer now
    A grotesque death

    (Severe dismemberment
    Psychotic ecstasy
    Frenzied disembowelment
    A end to your misery)

    8. In Death's Sleep

    From dream to dream we have always been
    Like an ever flowing stream

    As I become one with the earth
    By soul has passed the rebirth
    In this world I leave my flesh to rot
    No regrets, this is my lot

    Ashes to ashes
    Dust to death

    Dark recollections of my past life
    Memories haunt me in black'n white
    Divine death now descends
    Burning as my existence ends

    In death I will sleep
    Floating deep
    From dying heaven
    To living hell

    A travel through ancient times
    Witness only what the dead shall see
    Walk among the dead
    As my body's still on my death bed

    (In death I will sleep
    Floating deep
    From dying heaven
    To living hell)

    9. Deathevocation

    10. Defective Decay

    11. Torn Apart

    12. Justifiable Homicide

    All music by Dismember
    All lyrics by Matti K�rki and Fred Estby

    Matti K�rki - vocals
    David Blomqvist - lead guitar
    Robert Senneb�ck - rhythm guitar
    Richard Cabeza - bass
    Fred Estby - drums

    Produced by Fred Estby and Thomas Skogsberg
    Recorded at Sunlight Studios, March 1991
    Engineered by Thomas Skogsberg
    Mixed by Fred Estby and Thomas Skogsberg
    All arrangements by Fred Estby and Dismember
    All leads by Nicke Andersson (Entombed) except on Override Of The Overture by
    David Blomqvist

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    Pieces (1992 MCD)

    Pieces (1992 MCD)

    1. Intro


    2. Pieces

    3. I Wish You Hell

    4. Carnal Tomb

    5. Soon To Be Dead

    Agonized terrified horrified
    Emotions brutalized
    Crucified nailed to the cross
    With spikes through my hands
    I shall die upon this cross
    All by myself
    Salvations lost
    Soon to be dead

    Consider me as another victim
    Of their plans
    But my choice
    Is not your jesus christ
    Now I'm dead alone and
    Rotting on this cross
    But I'll be back

    Hell is what I want
    Hell is what I get
    In the fires I'll burn
    But there's nothing I'll regret

    Hell awaits me
    My soul is raped
    I will get them I will kill them
    At the end of time
    As long they are free
    Preaching their shit
    I'll never find peace

    All music by Fred Estby and DISMEMBER
    All lyrics by Matti K�rki and Fred Estby

    Matti K�rki - vocals
    David Blomqvist - lead guitar
    Robert Senneb�ck - rhythm guitar
    Richard Cabeza - bass
    Fred Estby - drums

    Produced by Thomas Skogsberg and Dismember
    Engineered by Thomas Skogsberg and Dismember

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    Indecent & Obscene (1993)

    1. Fleshless

    Fleshless I crawl
    Drifting alone
    By the realm of the living

    Eternal I have become
    I will never die
    I shall nourish the unborn

    Shadowed until the end of time

    Twilight is upon me
    And deep below I lay
    I accept my fate as it becomes

    Why should I be afraid to die
    Soon my night will fall

    Only dreams remain
    Through another day
    Seems so lonely
    In this cold domain
    Tainted by my sinful past
    Shadows over me it casts
    The very power of my soul
    Will last until we all shall fall

    Painful as it is
    I have to realise
    I'm not the only one
    There is thousands more to die

    Only grief remains
    With hate I will pass away
    TO my land of dreams
    Whus it shall stand until we all shall fall
    We all shall fall

    2. Skinfather

    The tower of sense inside you
    Ruined by the hands of lies
    Your daylight is already dusk
    Feel the dead inside alive

    Feeding an invincible master
    With all you wanted or did
    The only one you respected
    Can't remove a coffins lid
    Show me a fleshful truth
    Behind the blind eyes of your father
    You can't 'cos the only truth
    Is denying that fuckin' dictator

    Larger than lies
    Faithfucked believer
    Use your own eyes

    You are the one putting flesh on his bones
    Fuckin' thief of human lives

    Larger than lies
    Faithfucked believer

    3. Sorrowfilled

    How this, my rightful palace
    Has been fouled
    With the dust
    On countless innocent dead
    Ornamented extinction
    Of a soon-to-be soul
    Stripped naked I run
    From this ultimate goal
    First I was warm
    Then I drifted cold
    I saw the afterlife
    So ancient and so old

    Hate the only true emotion
    So should it be
    So shall it be
    Where the void is eternal
    And life is internal

    I was born a god
    And will die as one
    Without a pure soul
    I cannot give sight
    To their blind lives
    But will only blind myself
    And leaves me nothing
    But sorrowfilled

    The vastness I see
    That surrounds me

    I am one with infinity
    Trapped in the world of formlessness
    The world is dying
    Nihilistic rage burns deep within

    I am one with blasphemy

    Trapped in the world of formlessness
    The world is dying
    Source of power kept free from sin

    4. Case # Obscene

    The gate your portal to life
    Falter and grows weak
    Your sense of reality somewhat distorted
    Morbidity your sanity suffers
    In your escape from the truth
    Invoke surkai
    And amit your wrongdoing

    Cursed by the morals
    Of generations no longer needed
    Living your worthless lives
    By the faith written in blood

    I weep for your souls
    Until they're dust and memories
    Forgotten eternally

    Calling it 'independence' and 'freedom'
    An act that chains them to corruption
    That will bring this world down

    Your so called truth and righteous light
    Who is the one being perverted
    Can you ever tell the difference from
    Right and wrong

    5. Souldevourer

    Spirit side dreaming
    Let your blood flow
    A last grasp
    At your dying faith

    I will eat your soul
    Your suffering is mine
    I'll be your source of pain
    Dead ends now entwine

    Phantasmal being nightmare creature
    Your death is to be sustained
    Repeating your act of painful demise
    The will to live forever maimed

    Demon resurrection
    Come die with us

    A bloodstained path to oblivion
    Scarring both mind and soul
    Fuel my evergrowing hate
    As I devour you whole

    Soul devourer
    I bringer of bitterness

    To forever be
    Forever sleep
    With a hellbound heart

    Where pain is born
    Carved in flesh
    Another object of my art

    As I did you also learn
    Screaming as our souls burn
    The meaning of your severe pain
    Your crawling flesh dies again

    6. Reborn In Blasphemy

    Ascending from the grave
    Awakened from my sleep
    To this world, from this earth
    Destined to forever seek

    From the fields of an age forever splended
    Down to this globular place of dirt

    Never realized that my life never ended
    Screaming through the process of rebirth

    Only existing to die once more
    Ever agonizing pain mt only thirst

    My rotten carcass
    Cold and worn infested
    Meets it's destiny
    Reborn in blasphemy

    Opressing darkness closing in on me
    Twilight madness ripping souls apart

    Taste my unholiness
    Deep in flesh I'm waiting
    As hell appeals to me
    Reborn in blasphemy

    7. Eviscerated (Bitch)

    My hallucination killing need
    Your journey into pain
    Laugh at your attempt to kill me
    I cannot be unmade

    Eviscerated bitch

    How little I think you're worth
    You don't have a face anymore
    Fragments of the skull bursting through
    Remaining pieces on the floor

    A masterpiece of skinless art
    I'll sign it in your flesh
    Furiously ripping limbs apart
    My seed all over this mess

    I'm not satisfied
    Till your blood is on those walls
    I know your flesh when I see it

    8. 9th Circle

    Watch the twilight
    Colour the sky
    In this monotony of chaos
    Insane limbo
    Sickening sights
    In this garden of dark delights

    Lunatic dreams become nightmare reality
    Entangled into persistence
    No answer to your existence

    The curse has come
    We've been waiting all to long
    Morbid enlightener of souls
    Wandering distant and alone

    Deboned and defleshed
    Denied is our lives
    Enter our graves
    Exalted as we die

    True hell on earth
    Forget the burning heavens
    To the lord of living pain

    Who told you hell was warm
    Infernal winter
    The ninth circle closed

    9. Dreaming In Red

    Time is drifting away
    To form another day
    With our without me
    My faith to be
    Tomorrow I will not see

    'Be it the deepest of dreams
    Or the darkest of deaths
    Nor can either of these
    Truly guarantee my release'

    Staring at these four walls
    Remembering what I have achieved
    Enter the tomb of the deceived
    All that where is lost

    Whores of mankind
    Take my fuckin' life
    Alone I'll be
    One with the dreams in red

    Flatlined and cold I lay
    Victim of their play
    In the shadows of the obscure
    My soul forever never more

    Matti K�rki - vocals
    David Blomqvist - lead guitar
    Robert Senneb�ck - rhythm guitar
    Richard Cabeza - bass
    Fred Estby - drums

    Produced by Thomas Skogsberg and Dismember
    Recorded at Sunlight Studios, November-December 1992
    Engineered by Thomas Skogsberg
    Mixed by Thomas Skogsberg and Fred Estby
    Mastered by Peter In de Betou at Cuttingroom Solna, Sweden

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    Massive Killing Capacity (1995)

    1. I Saw Them Die

    [l: Kaerki, m: Estby/Kaerki]

    No limit, no number too high
    To commit the sickest of crimes
    Homicidal enjoyment,
    Afrenzied lust to kill
    Something they never understood
    I crave blood

    Twist of the knife
    Internal adjustment
    Mortal flesh impaled

    I saw them die
    All empty of their life

    I'll be thy master
    Your sinful messiah
    Evil incarnate
    Pain and pleasure, death defined
    No end to my reign of hate

    2. Massive Killing Capacity

    [l: Kaerki, m: Cabeza/Estby/Kaerki]

    Unseen and deadly
    Phantom of the skies
    Tool of massdestuction
    Child of an insane mind

    Millions are dead
    Millions will die
    Rejoice this day
    As death rain from the skies

    Deformed fraks
    Survivors of the blast
    Incinerated existence
    Even death can last

    Winds of destruction
    Sweep the earth
    This is the new order

    No turning back
    Drop the iron first
    Uncountable casualties
    Life cease to exist

    3. On Frozen Fields

    [l: Kaerki, m: Cabeza/Blomovist]

    I rise from my trench
    Blood rushing in my head
    Out into no-man's land
    Out to join the dead

    Sick of living, unwilling to die
    Killing just to stay alive

    On frozen fields of horror
    March through the firestorm
    Mangeled victims lay
    Forgotten and forlorn

    To voiceless cries only
    The deaf ad here
    Blinded I rage uncontrolled

    Fool killing fool
    Conflict makes us tick
    Pig killing pig
    The human race is sick

    Pain twist my body
    As my enemy splits my face
    Another fucking victim
    Left to die in a bloody haze

    4. Crime Divine

    [l: Estby, m: Cabeza/Estby]

    A life under bod
    Blind - still walking
    Mental murder
    Deaf - still talking

    Crime divine
    Mindread, explored
    All reason dead
    Brainwashed, forlorn

    Experience the sour
    Taste of holy pain
    Oppressed and forsaken
    Religiously insane

    Breed in chains

    5. To The Bone

    [l: Cabeza/Kaerki, m: Cabeza/Estby]

    In this mud of lies I crawl
    Emptiness is burning me
    Blind hatred
    Drives me to extremes

    Thorns of lies
    Pierce my mind
    The bitter truth
    Is all I find

    Black is all see
    Within these waes of pain
    If i can't fing myself
    I'm better off dead

    I can't forgive
    Once given trust turns to dissust

    I'm lost in misery
    I'm deep into pain
    Frustration and anger
    To the bone it eats
    Hate is all I feel

    I can't forget
    The wounds of betrayal still
    Bleeding fresh

    6. Wardead

    [l: Estby, m: Estby]

    Lieproducing, crime-saluting
    Humiliating, segregating
    Life-eating, gun-feeding
    Hypocrisy, society

    Warscene overcrowded
    Loss of civil liberties
    Life spilled like blood
    Misanthropical atrocities

    Warmachine is discipline
    Furiously killing clean
    He power addiction
    A lethal infiction

    Raped by bullets
    Innocent dead
    Evidence elimination
    Strategy spread

    Wrdwad though bloodshed
    Face-up, forgotten corpses


    7. Hallucigenia

    [l: Cabeza, m: Cabeza]

    On my throne of sin
    I watch the demons feed
    Nails cut deep into my flesh
    And release my pulsing blood

    Serpernts dance before my eyes
    And tempt the lust inside
    Let me taste the pain
    Devour me my wicked queen

    Whip me with chains of sin
    Let your jaws open my skin
    Lips and tongues licking the
    In ectacy I'll rise

    Whores of hell
    Demons appear to feast on my need
    Bleed with me
    Souls forever free

    Taste the pain and its desire
    Like a drug its my need
    Bleeding bodies, endless orgies
    In carnal blasphemy

    8. Collection By Blood

    [l: Sennebaeck/Kaerki, m: Sennebaeck/Kaerki]

    Colder than flesh
    Stronger than thought
    I dance with the demon
    And your dream ends dark

    Hunting at night
    Blood is my art
    Red in sight
    I'm killing in parts

    A pull of the trigger
    And then you're gone
    Recoil kicks back
    My work is done

    Blood sweet blood
    I follow my needs
    Desecrate your carcass
    And watch as it bleeds

    Past killing
    A season turned in red
    Past killing
    The art of a man

    A soft gentle move
    Powered by hungry flesh
    Death will be, blood I'll see
    Dreams can't last forever;
    I'm forcing death to be
    Watch you bleed

    9. Casket Garden

    [l: Estby, m: Cabeza/Sennebaeck/Estby]

    Inherit the nigtmares-can't put
    Them to sleep
    Rainstorm of chaos awaiting
    Speaking the truth-
    Considered a crime
    A world with murder on its mind

    Believe; be deceived - a wound
    Never closing
    We're racing the rate -
    Humantity's losing
    Under the gun of a hation
    Machine infected system

    In the casket carden
    Bonewhite, bloodred
    In the casket garden
    Dealing with the dead

    The blaming days are over
    Too late
    Falling into the arms of hate
    Witness the executiom of mind
    Feeding another killing kind

    In the casket garden
    Bonewhite, bloodred
    Dealing with the dead
    Spiders in the web
    Just hate and thread

    10. Nenia

    [m: Blomovist]

    11. Life - Another Shape Of Sorrow

    [l: Blomovist;m: Blomovist/Sennebaeck]

    I feel the tunes of sorrow
    Filling my heart
    With tears in my eyes
    I watch my whole life fall

    Endless days of mourning
    I try to move on
    Grief is my reality
    My hope forever gone

    With a smile I hide
    Dark emotions deep inside
    No matter how I try
    All becomes another lie

    I look into the sky
    Waiting to die
    Take me away from here
    To a place without fear

    Come sweet death
    Let me sleep forever
    Come sweet death

    Life slowly fade away
    Nothing more to give
    Nothing more to say
    No more will to live

    Dressed in mourning
    I shed my last tear
    Through sadeness
    I lived my life
    Finally the end is here.

    Matti K�rki - vocals
    David Blomqvist - lead guitar
    Robert Senneb�ck - rhythm guitar
    Richard Cabeza - bass
    Fred Estby - drums

    Produced by Thomas Skogsberg
    Recorded at Sunlight Studios, June-September 1994
    Engineered by Thomas Skogsberg
    Mastered by Peter In de Betou at Cuttingroom Solna, Sweden

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    Casket Garden (1995 MCD)

    1. Casket Garden

    Inherit the nightmares - can't put them to sleep
    Rainstorm of chaos awaiting release
    Speaking the truth - considered a crime
    A world with murder on its mind

    Believe; be deceived - a wound never closing
    We're racing the rats - humanity's losing
    Under the gun of a nation imploring
    Machine infected system controlling

    In the casket garden
    Bonewhite, bloodred
    In the casket garden
    Dealing with the dead

    The blaming days are over - too late
    Falling into the arms of hate
    Witness the execution of mind
    Feeding another killing kind

    In the casket garden
    Bonewhite, bloodred
    In the casket garden
    Dealing with the dead
    In the casket garden
    Spiders in the web
    In the casket garden
    Just hate and tread

    2. Wardead

    Lieproducing, crime-saluting
    Humiliating, segregating
    Life-eating, gun-feeding
    Hypocrisy, society

    Warscene overcrowded
    Loss of civil liberties
    Life spilled like blood
    Misanthropical atrocities

    Warmachine is discipline
    Furiously killing clean
    The power addiction
    A lethal infliction

    Raped by bullets
    Innocent dead
    Evidence elimination
    Strategy spread

    Wardead through bloodshed
    Face-up, forgotten corpses unburied


    3. Justifiable Homicide

    Matti K�rki - vocals
    David Blomqvist - lead guitar
    Robert Senneb�ck - rhythm guitar
    Richard Cabeza - bass
    Fred Estby - drums

    Produced by Thomas Skogsberg
    Recorded at Sunlight Studios, June-September 1994
    Engineered by Thomas Skogsberg
    Mastered by Peter In de Betou at Cuttingroom Solna, Sweden

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    Death Metal (1997)

    1. Of Fire

    [Music: D. Blomqvist, R. Cabeza. Lyrics: M. K�rki.]

    The night erupts with the sound of small arms fire
    tracer rounds snakes through the air
    signal flares fly towards the sky
    prepare yourself for another assault

    I raise my gun and let lead fly
    living the horrors of war
    move 'em down left to right
    i've tasted blood now i want more

    Screams of pain echoes through the night
    as bullets find their targets
    mercilessly ripping through your flesh
    spraying intestines and bone all around

    Into our trench they fall
    The combat goes hand to hand
    In a killing frenzy i split someones head
    comrade or enemy i just dont care

    2. Trendkiller

    [Music: F. Estby. Lyrics: F. Estby.]

    Stab it or grab it
    instant the burning
    of choices you make
    follow prophetic turnings
    stinging the eyes
    out of every option
    go with the flow
    a hideous notion

    Would you dare to look hate in the eye
    kill yourself from within while living outside

    Strong will sedated
    grow weak and decapitated
    selfinflicted fall
    twisting the future 'round your neck
    by being a winner
    where losing is all

    I'm the trendkiller
    all out wrecking mindthriller
    I'm the trendkiller
    onetrack speeding spinechiller

    Embittered follower
    drink and keep on die for others

    3. Misanthropic

    [Music: R. Cabeza, F. Estby. Lyrics: M. K�rki.]

    Since the dawn of time
    it has reigned supreme
    it's running through our veins
    a primal legacy

    Deep within a blackened heart

    The surge of raw aggression
    rages deep inside
    unavoidable instinct
    waiting to be free
    live for vengeance
    revel in violence
    in the heat of coflict
    hatred takes controll

    Embeded in our genes
    hate lay hidden
    blood is the trigger
    to the acts of the forbidden

    Supressing the rage within
    denying the inbred fire
    instead of using it right
    they kill their dark desires
    enforcing the ways
    ignorance of evil
    the only true emotion
    restrained in moral chains

    4. Let The Napalm Rain

    [Music: F. Estby, M. K�rki. Lyrics: M. K�rki.]

    Indoctrination since early youth
    murder of the free thinking mind
    religion the root of all evil
    the source of all suffering

    Deeper and deeper into the void
    across the wasteland of your mind
    lying to live, living their lie
    they make you betray your own kind

    Life of agony
    you have chosen your way
    self induced misery
    you are led astray

    The free will shall carry the day
    drop the bomb and wash the filth away
    let the napalm rain

    Step into the sickening light
    into ruins of heavenly might
    embide yourself in their moral vanity
    sell your soul to insanity

    Religion is an excuse
    for a lack of character
    something to fall back on
    when all else fails

    Islam, Hindu, Christianity
    it's all based on lies
    there is no key to paradise
    believe in yourself and all gods die

    5. Live For The Fear (Of Pain)

    [Music: D. Blomqvist, R. Senneb�ck, F. Estby. Lyrics: F. Estby]

    Born without dying empty
    walk alone for a lifetime denied
    the spark of life forever missing
    a fear so vast it grows inside

    Soul bleeding never healing
    at the end of the day my spirit leaving

    Of all I own handful of a
    solid void what's left to give
    can't get rid of all this guilt
    blame myself for as long as I live

    Shadow of the former me
    reach for surface can't break free

    Blind, Cold, Bitter [sings "Desire" 1st time]
    from dreamfield to death
    wasted life on living
    suicidals see no reason for another breath

    Still forsaken hope all taken
    keep on feeding the nightmares within
    I see it clear still so tragic
    against frustration no one wins

    Sinking deep into depression
    suffering the weight of confession

    Upon the loss of a better fate
    laid out before me all pure hate

    6. Stillborn Ways

    [Music: F. Estby. Lyrics: F. Estby.]

    In darkness embraced so dead still so near
    come walk towards trhe voices you fear
    let the impact of reality fade
    of what you dont believe how could you be afraid

    Rape the minds of generations to come
    forgiving is living revenge to some
    living ghost behind a spirit killing face
    stillborn ways of a mindfucking race

    Shape the twisted into never sleeping
    mourners of god die screaming no more
    forever weeping
    through hostile eyes never closing
    let me inside to live the religious

    Warped, deranged to see
    dying walls inside a kinddom not to be
    entries of fanatic delusions
    lose their way in the wheels of confusion

    7. Killing Compassion

    [Music: R. Senneb�ck, F. Estby. Lyrics: F. Estby.]

    Sick as can be
    twisting out of true
    explaining the feeling as
    insanity breaks through
    bringer of murder scenes
    architect of fear
    distorted, deranged
    the messages I hear

    Welcome to evil
    beyond the confines
    of rape, torture
    unordinary crimes
    spirit robbing firetalking
    story by the blade
    burning for violence
    and escalating hate

    Journey through a predators head
    no fucking rest 'til my enemies lay dead
    silence a screaming wall
    sanity drowning inside of it all
    believing is greatest pain
    as fucking twisted as god is insane
    compassion the first sence to die
    magic of murder a god given lie

    Repent to your saviour
    become what I create
    through symbolic actions
    i'm sealing your fate
    taking lead position
    in chain of command
    even Jesus Christ
    will die by my hand

    8. Bred For War

    [Music: D. Blomqvist, F. Estby. Lyrics: M. K�rki.]

    300 years has passed
    time is ripe for return
    back to the holy lands
    where our souls yearn
    across the barren waste
    through the mists of space
    from sun to sun
    who will win the race

    We are bred for war
    heed the crusader call
    to claim the sacred prize
    the cradle of us all

    Like a sword we cut
    through occupied lands
    bringing justice and order
    to a lesser race
    we shall conquer you all
    and rule with an iron hand

    And then came the day
    of cursed Tukayiid
    where seven was gathered
    against a greater white
    only one met success
    through the firestorm

    We are bred for war
    hear the Ghostbear roar
    we are bred for supremacy
    fear the jaguar claws
    we breed to improve
    feel the Jadefalcons wrath
    we are bred for war
    we are bred for death

    9. When Hatred Killed The Light

    [Music: F. Estby, R. Cabeza. Lyrics: M. K�rki.]

    A dark age has befallen man
    powernations gear up for war
    welcome to a time of death
    the eradication has begun
    eyes melt into their holes
    as they gaze at the brilliant light
    screaming in pain as life burns away
    engulfed in a fiery hell

    Strategic bombers, Missiles and Subs
    unleash their deadly load
    chemicals and bio-agents
    form lethal poison clouds

    The final conflict
    judgement time
    the day when hatred killed the light

    Winds of fire
    rage across earth
    and mankind
    cease to exist

    Feel the skin
    peel from your bones
    as the heatwave
    blows you away
    all that remains
    of all the victims
    is the shadows
    that's burnt into the walls

    A fire ridden wasteland
    is all thet's left
    where life once thrived
    nothing but ash remain

    10. Ceremonial Comedy

    [Music: F. Estby, D. Blomqvist. Lyrics: M. K�rki.]

    Holyman the liar
    the madman and his call
    out on a crusade
    fishing for lost souls
    slimy holy snake
    selling false faith
    inject his lethal venom
    into weakened minds

    Like flies to shit
    they gather for mass
    approach the altar
    of madness
    let the ceremonial
    comedy begin
    live their life
    with their head up their ass

    Holyman with his bible
    deciever in disguise
    shields you from the truth
    with promises of paradise

    Blinded walk on the trail of lost souls
    insane minds bleeding for their saviour

    11. Silent Are The Watchers

    [Music: D. Blomqvist, R. Cabeza. Lyrics: M. K�rki.]

    If my wrath broke up tombs
    and swept away tresholds
    pushing broken old values
    into dark pits
    if my hate would blow
    rotten words to dust
    like a cleansing wind
    through moulding graves

    Then I could rejoice
    where gods lay entombed
    covered with the sands of time
    beside the keepers of a dying faith

    Silent are the watchers

    Even I would love the church
    if the sun watchers down
    through cracked domes
    on the worms below

    Silent are the watchers
    gargoyles of a glorious past
    perc hed upon their thrones
    in cold shadow cast
    across infinite reaches
    unto new morals
    away from this filthy domain

    12. Mistweaver

    [Music: D. Blomqvist, F. Estby. Lyrics: M. K�rki.]

    I put the 9mm glock to your head
    and gently squeese the trigger
    blowing out your [fucking] brains
    on the wall in all kind of crazy figures

    So what are you gonna do now
    you piece of shit
    (you're such a ???)
    how (fucking) stupid can a man be
    you've should have known better

    Weaving my world
    from the cord of your soul
    as i slowly fuck
    the bullet exit hole
    through the funeral mist
    I drag you to my temple
    dead yet so alive
    living in my dreams

    Nothing brings me greater joy
    than the memory of when I
    wiped that smile from your lips
    the look of horror in your eyes
    as I pulled out a gun
    and pointed it at your [fucking] face

    MATTI K�RKI - Vocals
    DAVID BLOMQVIST - Lead Guitar
    ROBERT SENNEB�CK - Rhytm guitar
    FRED ESTBY - Drums

    Viola da gamba on Mistweaver performed by: KEREN BRUCE.

    Produced by FRED ESTBY and DISMEMBER
    Engineered by FRED ESTBY
    Drums recorded by ANDERS LINDSTR�M.
    Recorded at SUNLIGHT STUDIOS Okt.-Dec. 96 by FRED ESTBY
    Mixed at SUNLIGHT STUDIOS Dec. 96-Jan. 97 by FRED ESTBY

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    Misanthropic (1997 MCD)

    1. Misanthropic

    [Music by : R. Cabeza, F. Estby. Lyrics by : M. K�rki]

    Since the dawn of time
    it has reigned supreme
    it's running through our veins
    a primal legacy

    Deep within a blackened heart

    The surge of raw aggression
    rages deep inside
    unavoidable instinct
    waiting to be free
    live for vengeance
    revel in violence
    in the heat of conflict
    hatred takes control

    Embeded in our genes
    hate lay hidden
    blood is the trigger
    to the acts of the forbidden

    Supressing the rage within
    denying the inbred fire
    instead of using it right
    they kill their dark desires
    enforcing the ways
    ignorance of evil
    the only true emotion
    restrained in moral chains

    2. Pagan Saviour

    [Music by : Autopsy. Lyrics by : Chris Reifert]
    [Pagan Saviour is an Autopsy cover tune]

    Visions from the altar
    Ripping through your soul
    Seeing through the master's eyes
    Young flesh the goal

    Brutal rampage
    Destroy the house of christ
    Obey your master
    Another victim violently dies
    Head torn off
    A trophy raised to the sky

    Bloody priest
    Dies in pain
    Stomach chewed open
    Lying on the grave

    As you bathe in the piss
    Your master rains upon your face
    Hear the calling from the abyss
    Pagan destroyer crushes your race

    Final reward
    Bestowed upon you
    Look into his eyes
    As your head is removed

    3. Shadowlands

    [Music by : D. Blomqvist, F. Estby, R. Senneb�ck. Lyrics by : M. K�rki]

    Who watches the watchers
    hiding behind the light
    who'll pay for their crimes
    will you die for their lies
    the star and the crescent moon
    symbol of slavery
    soaked in blood
    throughout history

    Fanatical minds
    enforce the way and law
    pound the weak into submission
    forced into misery
    betrayed by their leaders
    they're sent out to die
    on blooddrenched fields
    all praise allah

    Deadly, Opium for the mind
    it dulls the senses and kills the soul
    Garbage, Holy verses of the koran
    justify their war on other lands

    No fear of dying martyrdom awaits
    it's easier to die than to live

    4. Afterimage

    [Music and Lyrics by Fred Estby]

    Given a gun become god for a day
    on my way to carry it all out
    take on blowing the bitterness away
    contribute with my share of grief
    from being trapped in life
    become a prisoner in death
    if there was something else worth dying for
    i'd give myself

    A promise of blood in the air
    blow it up burn it down for all I care


    Bring on the ultimate human hunt
    rid the world of filth
    killing time of my life
    drowning in self created guilt
    revenge is not a deadly sin
    it's an obligated call
    there is no regreting there is no doubt
    religion is nothing betrayal is law

    Faith slipping essence of crime
    rule the rest of my borrowed time

    In the age of an overkill
    bridges burning fast
    cant clench the fire
    of a fury so vast

    5. Shapeshifter

    [Music by : D. Blomqvist, F. Estby. Lyrics by : M. K�rki]

    A long dark tunnel
    lies before me
    through the pain of afterlife
    i reach for the light

    What was shall be again
    though in a different form
    erased and blank
    i enter life

    The path lies open i'm free to choose
    from the multitude of options
    to let my instincts guide me
    through this long and winding walk

    Greeted by depressing fear
    can't go forward but can't go back
    cold and dark remembrance
    the years that pass before my eyes

    My body grows weak and die
    the cycle of death is complete

    restrained in moral chains

    Matti K�rki - vocals
    David Blomqvist - lead guitar
    Robert Senneb�ck - rhythm guitar
    Richard Cabeza - bass
    Fred Estby - drums

    Produced by Fred Estby and Dismember
    Recorded at Sunlight Studios, October-December 96 by Fred Estby
    Engineered by Fred Estby
    Mixed at Sunlight Studios, December 96 - January 97 by Fred Estby
    Mastered by Peter In De Betou at Cuttingroom Solna, Sweden

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    Hate Campaign (2000)

    1. Suicidal Revelations

    [Music by : Estby, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : Estby]

    Shallow mind of a weakened kind
    Unavoidably falling behind
    Eyes open staring blind
    Unshaped never divine

    Climbing on others
    Scarred psyche leader
    To fulfill your plans
    Insanity breeder

    Wishing you had your life undone
    Can't lie to the barrel of a gun

    Psychologically fractured
    Parasite of first degree
    Suicidal revelations
    Killing yourself to see

    Your mistake of actions will come to find you
    Unseen amongst the living
    Strangeness still in evidence
    Continue grave digging

    Egoistic line of vision
    Serenity seeking
    Redundant by all means
    An end to your pathetic preaching

    [Lead: Blomqvist]
    [Lead: Sahlgren]

    Living life through others
    By laws of exception
    Paranoid schizophrenic searching
    Your life has no intention

    When your spirit is finally leaving
    I've seen your demons except no grieving

    b]2. Questionable Ethics

    [Music by : Blomqvist, Estby, Sahlgren. Lyrics by : K?rki]

    You look at me with eyes filled with pain
    And I stare back with a promise of death
    I'll rape your soul undeniably
    Join the others in my gallery

    Why bother question
    The need to kill
    Give in to pleasure
    And let blood spill

    Questionable ethics

    Crimson tides gushes forth
    As I cut your throat
    Predator of first degree
    The urban jungle is my killing field

    Rip out your heart
    And let it drip blood into your eyes
    Then tear them out
    And puke into your dead skull

    Your tortured moans of agony
    Join the voices in my head
    Compose a wicked symphony
    With the choir of the dead

    3. Beyond Good And Evil

    [Music by : Sahlgren, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki]

    Through the ages from the dawn of man
    We always searched for deity
    Forming legends and twisted beliefs
    Paranoia and selfdeceit

    Sell your soul to the highest bidder
    Fooled by stories of life beyond
    Losing grip of reality
    You are living in a dream

    Beyond good and evil
    Is where you find the way
    Salvation and saviour
    To your miserable lives

    Sycophants awaiting judgement day
    Watching the skies for the third coming
    Live their lives prepare for the event
    Let them rot it will never happen

    Lost in madness and insecurity
    Devour the flesh of your saviour
    Drink the blood and slowly fade away
    Now you are truly astray

    Beyond good and evil
    Two sides of the same coin
    Enslavement and damnation
    Deny man's sickest creation

    [Lead: Blomqvist]
    [Lead: Sahlgren]

    Beyond good and evil
    Your spirit will live on
    Free from religious slavery
    Prosper and grow strong

    Beyond good and evil

    4. Retaliate

    [Music by : Estby, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : Estby]

    Deathdreams of your future bring my spirit back to life
    Once again to make you suffer more than you can take
    Keeping you alive without the hope of healing
    Your mind will beg your body to cease
    Vengeful abilities beyond imagination
    Insanity the exit where you wish your mind could go
    Waiting at the limits where salvation cannot follow
    Unforgiving of trespasses made

    The delight of your dead
    Facing fear, losing breath
    Forcefully your enemy
    Even after death

    Aggression is the trigger flowing
    From a mind deranged

    The urge to kill you slowly
    Living nightmare come to life
    The doors to pain are open
    Mutilation closing in
    The thump of your ripped out heart is my law
    Like a hammer crushing in reality gives out
    No use for pathetic attempts of escape
    Resisting me will only bury you deep
    Within these hellish events

    [Lead: Sahlgren]

    I'm the angel of death my friend
    I'll haunt you to the rivers end
    An addiction fueled by hate

    Mesmerized enchanted by the fury burning light
    Join me in my pleasure become what I create
    The gates are closed eternally
    For prayers it's too late
    I'm the serpent saviour confess to me

    Retaliation seals your fate
    Reliving is denied
    Shattering the image of a paradise in reach

    Mentally, emotionally, spiritually deceased
    Crimson tide drowning your soul forever

    [Lead: Blomqvist]

    5. Enslaved To Bitterness

    [Music by : Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki]

    Uncontrollable death desire
    Rules your darkened world
    Ensnared in bitterness
    And self inflicted misery

    Reality comes crashing in
    Through your fragile world
    You realize your weakened state
    And your soul fills with hate
    You made your bed of nails
    But there's no one to share it
    No matter how you try
    You obviously never learn

    Strict adherence to formal ritual
    Proves that one has nothing better to think about

    [Lead: Blomqvist]

    While you suffer in the world of pain
    Wrestling pointless moral issues

    Erratic and eccentric
    Still predictable
    Your sense of isolation
    Cause irrational behaviour

    [Lead: Sahlgren]

    Strict adherence to formal ritual
    Proves that one has nothing better to think about
    Know that the nail that sticks out from the rest
    Asks to be pounded violently

    6. Mutual Animosity

    [Music by : K?rki. Lyrics by : K?rki]

    Premonitions sadistic murder visions
    My future is written in your blood
    Excruciating intoxicating
    Pain and pleasure mix as death unfolds

    I tear your soul apart
    Revel in your death
    Release you from agony
    Exhale your last breath

    Watch the gleaming blade as I raise it above my head
    And stab it in your racing heart
    Let death remove the pain your misery and dismay
    The failures and downfalls in your life
    Fall down on your knees so we can proceed
    With our hate ritual
    Your torment will end as your life fades away

    And travel to the darkside
    The lust for your demise
    Implanted in my mind
    I cannot rest
    Until you are dead

    No human emotions
    Regret or guilt
    Prepare to die
    I'm fucking possessed

    [Lead: Sahlgren]

    Slice you up and remove the organs
    Shit and vomit 'til you are full
    A bloated corpse filled with vile contents
    Pound on you 'til you burst
    Trophy collector headhunter mentality
    Figures crafted in your flesh
    Twisted romance I really love you
    Not for what you are but what you shall become

    7. Patrol 17

    [Music by : Sahlgren, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki]

    Lying still on a snow covered field
    Watch the enemy through my sight
    Single column seen from the side
    It will be like target practise
    Await the moment and act with surprise
    The first one killed won't even know he died
    As they come closer into perfect range
    I pull the trigger and let death take them away

    The first takes a bullet in the chest
    His face contorts with pain
    See him go down in the snow
    Then let loose on all the rest
    As my weapon hammers away
    Blood and intestines spray
    Crystal snow now covered in red
    Won't stop until they are dead
    Recon patrol 17 won't make it home
    Presumed as lost in action
    In time they will be found
    As spring uncovers naked bones

    [Lead: Blomqvist]

    Emptying the rifle clip
    Reload and resume the killing
    They turn and try to run away
    From the merciless slaughter
    Pumping my lead
    Into fleeing backs
    The ones who rape my country
    Will pay with their blood

    [Lead: Sahlgren]

    The frozen twisted corpses
    Preserved by the winter cold
    A source of food and life
    For various scavengers
    And when the sun warms again
    The remains rot away
    Leaving a pile of bones
    For the future to find

    8. Thanatology

    [Music by : Estby, K?rki. Lyrics by : K?rki]

    Auschwitz infamous labor camp
    Realm of the living dead
    Systematic method of destruction
    A thousand souls ablaze

    And as they die
    Jews, Gypsies and Homosexuals
    Learn that "Arbeit macht frei"

    Brutally effective
    High efficency murder industry
    Removing the unproductive
    To achieve the aryan objective
    Weeding out the worthless
    Eradication of the unwanted
    No mean too extreme
    To keep the Reich clean

    And as they die
    Cripples, Retards and Criminals
    Learn that "Arbeit macht frei"

    Brutal acts of infamy
    Never fading memories
    Sadistic hate campaign
    In the pages of history

    [Lead: Sahlgren]

    Feed the fires with the unworthy
    Purity decides their fate
    Victims of Nazi science suffer
    Even to this day

    And as they die
    Victims of the holocaust
    Learn that "Arbeit macht frei"

    9. Bleeding Over

    [Music by : Estby. Lyrics by : Estby]

    A reality blown open wide
    Bruising the minds of millions
    Serpent of war hovering vast
    Demanding increase of missiles
    Finalizing begging eyes
    Proud and distinguished
    A human life worth nothing more
    Than the myth of a martyrs terror call

    An unavoidable definition
    Of a primetime killing mission
    After action, knife in hand
    Still not able to understand
    It's bleeding over

    Creator of the most
    Vicious circles of all
    Religious madness holy war
    Bringing on the human downfall
    Soultrading servants
    Where money is taken as lies
    Shut your eyes, march on blind
    Led by selfacclaimed gods

    An unavoidable definition
    Of a primetime killing mission
    After action, knife in hand
    Still not able to understand
    What difference does it make
    If god or satan pulls the trigger
    Still it's bleeding over

    Becoming one with the fraction
    Victims of so called legal action

    [Lead: Blomqvist]

    Apocalyptic executions
    Brought on by fanatic revolution

    [Lead: Sahlgren]

    Give in for eternity
    To your saviour insanity

    An unavoidable definition
    Of a primetime killing mission
    After action, knife in hand
    Still not able to understand
    What difference does it make
    If god or satan pulls the trigger
    Still it's bleeding

    10. In Death's Cold Embrace

    [Music by : Blomqvist, Estby, Sahlgren. Lyrics by : K?rki]

    Fuck all pathetic moral preachers
    And fuck their braindead disciples
    Fuck all religious clowns
    And their fucked up ways
    Fuck good and evil
    It's fucking relative
    No matter which way you take
    You get fucked up anyway

    In the end we all will die
    So why waste precious time
    We all will learn the truth
    In death's cold embrace

    Fuck the haves
    Because they fuck the have-nots
    Fuck all fucked politicians
    And their power hungry games
    Fuck all the bureaucrats
    And hang them in red tape
    Fuck the fucked up media
    With their hype of the day

    Look at the world today
    Doesn't make sense in any way
    Then take a look at yourself
    What purpose do you serve

    Look at the world today
    Ruled with democracy
    Feel free to kill yourself
    Relieve society from a burden

    [Lead: Sahlgren]

    Fuck the truth
    And read between the lines
    Fuck all the lies
    It's enough to hear the truth
    Fuck the fallen from grace
    And all the righteous fucks
    Fuck all talk about right or wrong
    It all equals out in the end

    11. Hate Campaign

    [Music by : K?rki, Blomqvist. Lyrics by : K?rki, Estby, Sahlgren]

    I talked with God today
    He was feeling weak and depressed
    Overworked and stressed
    I gave him what he needed best
    Crying over his failed creation
    Could not bear the shame
    So I put a bullet through his brain
    To relieve him from his pain

    I met Allah today
    Insane leader to millions of men
    He thrust an Ak 47 in my hands
    And told me to die for him in the desert lands

    I hate it all
    The lies and the self deceit
    I deny it all
    And refuse any divine call
    Hate campaign
    Free yourself from insanity
    Hate campaign
    Wake up to reality

    I met Krishna the clown
    He showed me the celibacy but I fucked him anyway
    I heard Satan today
    Told me to burn churches in a broad way
    Spoke to Hitler today
    He gave two options
    Become a god my way or their martyr and slave

    [Lead: Blomqvist]
    [Lead: Sahlgren]
    [Lead: Blomqvist]
    [Lead: Sahlgren]

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    Where Ironcrosses Grow (2004)

    1. Where Ironcrosses Grow

    Death is all around me, violence and decay
    Screams of the dying, never leave my mind
    Hanging helpless in barbed wire, another helpless victim
    Cut to shreds in the rain of fire, bleeding, burning, suffering
    Where blood and iron flow, the iron crosses grow
    Piles of dismembered corpses, slaughtered and twisted
    Unseeing eyes, staring into nothingness

    2. Forged With Hate

    Stranger to empathy, numb to remorse, when I've taken your head I'm the winner of wars
    So intense and demanding the vengeance inside, my will for power will never subside
    Outgrowing sane control, I'm as close as your heartbeat
    When only fear is audible screaming your name, dread the last sense that remains in this game
    Stab my way through religious beliefs, life is such a slow disease
    Faced down and thrashed to oblivion
    Forged with hate
    Concealed murder a tool of the trade, fate is sealed and deals are made
    Fear established in society, smoke and shadow I chose to be
    Embrace the moment of death
    Reflect the invittions in my victims eyes, cut off their faces and all the lies
    Behind the masks that haunt me all is hollow, still I search benath the raptures of the shallow
    Now it all comes clear
    After this there'll be nothing to fear

    3. Me-God

    As an echo from the past, recognition with a blast, an unbearable hate so vast,
    I will ignite the world at last
    Turned the key to sick, darkened mental shack, drained to fear, can't go back
    Racing on down the bitter track, I have become a savior in black
    Only the living are lost, persisting at any cost
    Universal loss will be gain, suffering in the giving, bringer of pain
    Presence of lunacy clouding the sky, passion for bloodshed comes to life
    Armed with intentions to kill, ancient animosity grows with a thrill
    Shed my skin as I'm closing in, cleansing the world from filth and sin
    The death of millions my tribute to the end, no matter what I will never repent
    Assassin for the masses on a power trip, madness from inside never losing it's grip
    All my life they've been leading my way, mow the voices are drowned by mental decay
    Time has come to unmask the dead, one by one of fire flame draped with dread
    Screams of sirens are cutting through the air, calling my name I'm god don't you hear

    4. Tragedy Of The Faithful

    All these years I've stayed faithful
    Through bitterness I've bled
    Sacrifice, betrayal and deceit, has rid me of the weak
    Tragedy of the faithful, dying for a lost cause
    Tragedy of the faithful, loyalty unto death
    At the mercy of the vengeful
    Mislead and betrayed
    Through darkness and misery
    I've walked the bloodstained path
    Tragedy of the faithful
    So many has fallen
    Tragedy of the faithful
    Loyalty unto death

    5. Chasing The Serpent

    The day of insanityextending like a dream, the outcast of any tribe is king
    Generations drowned in self-indulgence and deceit, mass suicide the liberating end
    New gods will be born and killed to live again, religion as it's finest being breached
    Monstrous conclusion breaks the surface all to late, heaven as the know it out of reach
    God-fearing, despairing, each prayer a human grave
    Armed and content with the battlefield laid out, delivering the bitter blow
    When darkness is tyrant, never see the light, pay tribute to the overlord
    As the body count is done and surviving priests dispatched, a martyr's nightmare begins
    Atheism made out of divine neglect, on the side of angels unveiling the fiend
    Fluid system of hatred made flesh, take the consequence of revelations
    Godless god knows when, fail to evolve while chasing the serpent
    Shallow and ashen the foundation of souls
    Hollow existence, victimized and scorned

    6. Where Angels Fear To Tread

    War birds fly in tight formation, across the blackened sky
    A thousand engines roar, tremors of the approaching storm
    One man's insanity, revenge and retribution
    Steel birds fat and laden with death, their bellies open wide
    Commence to unleash a fiery death, upon the defenseless target
    A thousand souls screaming in pain as incendiary bombs detonate
    The smell, phosphor and petrol mix with the stench of burning flesh
    Firestorms rage across the city, even the air seems to be aflame
    The howl of air-raid sirens drowns the screams of pain
    Non-combatants pay a bloody toll, whole city blocks disappear
    Damnation and a raging inferno, destruction is complete.

    7. Sword Of Light

    OI am the light and the savior, I am the one who brings death to mankind
    The bringer of silence, the source of life, hammer of justice, sword of light
    Conflict will end uneasy peace, humanity's finest destructive art
    Winds of war tear the world apart
    Nations will crumble and new will arise, rising from the ashes "the one" emerge
    Written in blood history reapeats itself, again and again in a ravenous purge
    There is no peace has ever been, man killing man
    Strong defeat the weak, we're always at war
    Sword of light, burning bright, hand of doom, death to you all
    Sword of light, might makes right, dwan of damnation, awaits us all
    Shattered existence, survivors struggle to rebuild
    Dance of death, burning world drowned in flames

    8. As The Coins Upon Your Eyes

    The sands of time are slipping through your fingers
    Life's bitter journey, towards the end
    Your time has come
    Pass the threshold and beyond
    With a conscience cold as the coins upon your eyes
    Wear the flesh of fallen angels
    Leave your earthly form behind
    Across the seas of blood, to shores of the damned, nothingness surrounds now
    Burning in this void, cleansed and remolded, stripped of a sinful past
    A life of misery and pain, has come to it's end
    All is black, all light has faded, howling demons tear your mind to shreds
    Cast aside the flesh that binds you, what you want you shall become after death

    9. Children Of The Cross

    A thousand deaths I've seen, my mind is scarred beyond repair
    Don't really care if I survive this life of mental despair
    Lies, lies, see the madness in their eyes
    Children of the cross, lost on the path of the dead
    Undead my savior, from tomb to womb I folow thee
    Stigmatized, crucified, I bleed my ife unto you
    Seeking the source, of the dark I've become
    Hatred and soul is now one
    Killing the source of the light I despise
    Hatred and life is now one

    10. As I Pull The Trigger

    What are these visions that trouble my weakened mind
    Haunt my fevered dreams and dance before my wide awake eyes
    Visions of death a murder, ravaged figures in pain
    People dead and buried, filling my head with fear
    Demons and shadows tear my world apart, shredding my sanity to pieces
    Screaming in horror, crying in fear, my living nightmare never ends
    Now I've realized it will never end
    I'll do whatever it takes to send them out of my head
    Goodbye to the world
    Cannot find final words
    The dark shadows disappear
    As I pull the trigger

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    • Benutzer
    • 19. Jun. 2008, 19:47

    The God That Never Was (2006)

    1. The God That Never Was

    Awakening from ancient slumber
    Shadows lingering cursing my dreams
    Leaving the remains of godly-hood behind
    I made churches burn
    With congregations still inside
    Lord almighty preying on mankind

    I am God I taste of blood
    In the grip of a bitter loss
    Divine thing that should not be
    The God that never was

    Consumed by fury
    Bringer of chaos and aftermath
    Laying waste to human paradise

    Rising like the damned
    To passing angels
    Stains upon their souls
    For eternity
    Apocalyptic light
    Shredding the world
    How bitter mortality must seem to be

    Bitterness once buried rising
    Where the dead stood waiting
    Judgment absolute for ever out of reach
    Cleansing fire
    Reaching for heaven scorching the sky
    The God behind it sadly no longer me

    2. Shadows Of The Mutilated

    Pale faces twisted in pain
    Their hollow eyes watching me
    Shadows of the mutilated weep
    I dare not to sleep
    Days and nights I stay awake
    With chemical eyes I greet the sun
    Through darkness I waited
    For the light to set me free

    Insomnia, dementia
    I hear the fallen angels sing
    Die, die
    Lunacy, blasphemy
    I hear dying voices whisper
    Kill, kill

    Behind the wall of sleep
    I hear myself scream
    Behind the wall of sleep
    The horrors beckon me

    Feed the demons raging inside

    3. Time Heals Nothing

    Martyrs of the world
    A bleeding nation weep
    Decades have come to pass
    But scars remain unhealed

    The blood on their hands
    Will wash ours clean
    As we strive for dominance
    And our sacred dream
    Terror awakens
    Death walks among our midst
    Resistance fuel hatred
    And must be crushed beneath an iron fist

    Do unto others
    As they've done to us
    The world must bleed
    As we have bled

    Sins of the past
    Will keep our cause alive
    And as the world try to forget

    4. Autopsy

    Fallen deity
    Lying cold on my mortuary slab
    Slicing and sawing
    Digging deep into his head

    I look deep into the deceiver's eyes
    To analyze this evil mind
    Destroyer of free will
    Creator of mental disease

    Remove the brain
    Crush it between my fingers
    His empty skull will serve
    As my vile decoration

    Incision, open torso
    Removal of innards
    Intestinal relocation
    An empty shell lie
    Upon my operating table
    Once almighty
    Now just dead flesh

    6 days
    Of pathological surgery
    Recreate the maker
    In my image
    And on the 7th day
    I stand back and observe
    Filled with pride
    Of my sick work

    Y shaped stitches across his rotting chest
    A disfigured corpse sewn together for public display

    5. Never Forget, Never Forgive

    My darkened soul boils with hate
    Memories of my past haunting me
    I now truly see who you are
    Betrayal has set me free

    Darkness once ruled my world
    My spirit now roams free

    Never forget
    Never forgive
    Only god forgives
    But I do not

    Forgiveness and understanding
    I'll leave it for the church to preach
    The lies that bound me are no more
    Humility is not the way to teach

    Bitterness, loneliness
    Anguish and defeat
    I listened, lied and died
    Death, resurrection and rebirth

    6. Trail Of The Dead

    The howl of artillery passes overhead
    Trailing tongues of fire, spelling certain death
    Counter battery bursts raining down on positions
    The steel inferno reaps its deadly harvest

    I walk among the corpses of the fallen
    Fingers curled into claws of rigor mortis

    The wall of fire creeping closer
    An infernal crescendo that seems not to end

    We left a trail of ten thousand dead
    I still hear their screams in my head

    Feel the caress of hot lead
    Fighting a battle we can't win

    Hot steel ripping through young flesh
    Our numbers are growing thin

    Nowhere to run nowhere to go
    Wading through human remains
    Comrades in pieces friends cut to shreds
    The violence of warfare we start to comprehend

    7. Phantoms (Of The Oath)


    8. Into The Temple Of Humiliation

    Long since dust the ethics of man
    Unanimous prayer nothing more than grains of desert sand
    The salvation they strive for will not come from above
    I'll keep watching them from below keeping a blade to hand

    When gods are dethroned and prophets lie dead
    Long dead lords awaiting fire ahead

    Serpent from forgotten depths
    Turning whispers into roars
    Forever changing
    The martyr's heaven bound course

    Another burst of crimson
    To the sea already spilt
    Blood raining down
    On mosques and temples like guilt

    Angel of punishment
    Obscuring the sky
    Shaped from redemption
    Selling suicide

    Haunted eyes
    Something dead
    Resides inside

    Unwelcome in this tomb
    Destined to terror a promise breeding from darkened wombs

    Raw fear the sharpest weapon at war
    Fanatic madness profound naming the path of the pure
    Paramount desire burning at the stake
    To avenge something sacred a message of unending hate

    The ground will drink their blood when I've cut their throats
    Into the temple of humiliation the righteous will float

    9. Blood For Paradise

    I see a storm rise in the east
    Forces of evil on the move
    Tyranny and blasphemy follows in their wake
    Back to the Stone Age
    Serpents of the crescent moon
    Cast their shadow over weak minds
    Live in perpetual twilight
    Totalitarian regime bringers of night

    Holy wars
    Holy shit
    Religious tyranny

    Masses gather by the blood soaked banner
    Unknowing of their fate
    Brainwashed, fanatical and blind
    They die by the flag of hate

    Blood for paradise
    Give their lives for lies
    Vessels of death
    Carriers of disease

    Breeding insanity
    Religious tyranny

    10. Feel The Darkness

    Pure origin of lethality
    Vengeance calling
    The casket embrace
    Might keep me from falling
    The shout I was born to answer
    Prepared to slay
    Stealing the cry from your tongue
    As the world turns grey

    Feel the darkness within
    The sickest mind in battle wins
    To survive and to kill
    Bullets with a purpose to fill

    In search of mental sanctuary, gun resting at the temple pointing towards
    the source of murderous thoughts
    Be it that after killing my enemies, the only one left to kill is my self

    Lunacy profound and raging
    Beyond control
    The time of the assassin
    Taking its toll

    Death will precede me like a shadow
    Poisoned with hate
    Joined by the truth of a gun
    As it seals our fate

    Feel the darkness spreading its wings

    11. Where No Ghost Is Holy

    Ruled by ruin the city of god
    Collective madness of the holy squad
    Divine violations of dignity
    Corrupted secrecy

    Hordes of the fallen
    Lost and slain
    Not epic but insane

    Abolition of Christianity
    Termination of religious greed
    Where no ghost is holy the mind is free
    Retribution for persecution
    All religions adversary
    Where no ghost is holy the blind shall see

    The essence of contradiction brings
    Blind faith built on sins
    Propaganda of unhealing scars
    The catholic cancer wont reach this far

    Final silence of the battlefield
    Where no god is holy the church will kneel
    Non-religious eternally

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 19. Jun. 2008, 19:50

    Dismember (2008)

    1. Death Conquers All

    Aiming at history the trigger is pulled
    Manmade plague spreading worldwide
    Millions force-fed with the reces of the infested
    Eardrums pierced with polished glass
    Scartissued beast that still roar
    Hatred and profanity underground
    A funeral for mental health
    Remedy for the true at heart

    Your witchcraft denies them
    The pleasure of being set free
    Your witchcraft arouse them
    Salvation unable to see

    Sheep in wolf clothes searing ignorant minds
    Betrayal bloodbath for their endless crimes
    Prophets, lying, untrue worship the silent queen
    Their hypocrisy indecent and obscene

    Leprosy madmen kings of the old
    The faithful outcasts fewer but stronger
    Blades sharpened shinning metal of death
    Punish the traitors those once loyal

    2. Europa Burns

    1914 Nations bleed in the Great War to end all wars
    young men march on towards the frontline
    Unknowing of the horrors to come
    Europa burns

    1916, young men fight on
    Most of them gone in the western campaign

    Count the dead and justify
    That nothing has been gained
    Mass the troops for another push
    A sacrifice to the rain of steel
    As Europa burns

    1918, young men are gone
    Horribly maimed in no-mans land
    Trenches are filled with blood of the dead
    Human waste of world war one

    3. Under A Blood Red Sky

    Judgement day is near
    Armies gather on the plains Megiddo
    Angels of heanly might against the forces of darkness
    Soldiers of hell, twilight of mankind

    Under a blood red sky warriors of god will die
    Followers of the holy script pay the ultimate price

    Into the void they fly, a final battle cry
    Hear the masses roar we will fuck your god
    Screaming victims agonized in pain
    We rather burn in than suffer the tyranny of god

    4. The Hills Have Eyes

    Internal tension erupt in war a proud nation is no more
    Under siege four long years blood flows with a million tears

    Limit of endurance, civilian dance macabre
    Existence of misery, sorrow filled destiny
    Broken glass under children's foot
    Rivers run red with the blood of the dead

    Unseen troops in disguise in positions high above
    The hills have eyes, waten you die, sniper the ends of your Life

    Massacre of innocent, targets of opportunity
    Hunt the soon to be dead

    Run for cover, run for life someone got you in their sight
    The all seeing sniper scope terminate survival hope

    5. Legion

    From cold north to scorching desert sands
    A vast empire ruled with iron hand
    Peace through war, not with alive branch
    Join or die submissionthe only chance
    ready shield and sword against barbaric hordes
    Fear the Praetorian Guard, Emperor's elite

    Military might enslave the free
    Incorporation into tyranny

    Lay down your banners at your feet
    Through conquest we bring you peace
    Ruthlessly crush opposition
    We are the masters of oppression

    We march we bleed
    We crucified your Christ
    We siege, we conquer violently

    We are Legion

    From combat glory to Elysian Fields
    What we achieve echo in eternity
    Loyalty, honor, blood and death
    Shoulder by shoulder

    Üarade your dead through our streets
    as humiliation in defeat
    Beheaded leaders demonstrate
    Our power to decide your fate

    Spoils of war, riches and slaves
    All will sponsor the next campaign
    Feasting on the vanquished
    Legions rejoice

    6. Tide Of Blood

    Over seas of ice and snow
    Through raging waters to foreign shores
    We bring you fire, shield and sword
    We are your fucking overlords

    Hallucinogenic bloodlust
    Berserker rage
    Sons of the north
    Ferocious beyond insane

    Raping, burning, killing
    Pillage murder
    Merciless slaughter
    Bringers of death and pain

    The coast is ablaze with brutal raids
    Destruction as far eyes can see
    Massive funeral pyres burning
    Where your villages used to be
    With the god of war on our side
    We don't fear to die
    To the Land of the midnight sun
    Tide of blood bring me home

    7. Combat Fatigue

    Death lurks in every bush
    Landmines and booby traps
    Fanatic adversaries
    Screaming maniacs

    Combat fatigue, insanity
    Enemy everywhere, even in dreams
    Physically unhurt, mentally disturbed
    The jungle echoes with the howl of the deranged

    Day after day in the line
    Driven beyond breaking point
    Constant strain, comrades slain
    Slaughter house of the damned

    Behind the frontline
    Shell shocked
    The madness goes on
    Killing friend and foe

    8. No Honor In Death

    Screaming ghosts roam the silent battlefield
    Locked in eternal conflict neither side never to yield
    The blood soaked soil littered with shrapnel, flesh and bone
    A gruesome scenery, mosaic of mans destructive need

    The stench of rotting corpses, human debris and waste
    An eternal embrace with mankind's insanity
    Scarred warrior covered with unhealing wounds
    Enemies once united by hatred now united in death

    No glory in blood, no honor in death
    The reward of the brave is a nameless grave
    The curse of battle forever live on in their souls
    Soldier demons undead they stalk the earth

    9. To End It All

    Body split in two, trembling hands
    Touch what is left on me
    Try to force back, guts where they belong
    Bleed profusely, writhe in agony
    Every heartbeat, an eternity

    I don't want to die
    But this has to end

    Sirensong of death, Life fade away
    Cries for help no one hears
    Existence of pain
    To end it all is the only option
    I reach for my weapons so close but yet so far

    I lift up my intestines, examine them closely
    what has become of me, where is the rest of me
    So I close my eyes and draw my last breath
    No more pain and agony, at the end I welcome death

    I curse you god who did this to me
    Forgotten soldier left to rot
    Among other corpses
    A nameless casualty
    In mankind's bloody history

    10. Dark Depths

    We are wolfpack, we rule the seas
    In the dark depths we reign supreme
    Run silent, run deep, track the hostile fleet
    Playing, deadly hide & seek day and night
    Dive, dive, dive destroyer sighted
    Dive, dive deep out of harms way
    Depth charges detonate
    Closely enough to seal their fate

    Iron, sweat and blood

    One hundred men
    Sinking to their silent grave

    panic spreads, no way out
    Flooded compartments
    Diesel fumes, fire consumes
    Human flesh, burnt to death

    Claustrophobic coffin of steel
    Broken hulk descent into the dark

    11. Black Sun

    Unholy alliance, science and the occult
    A world war Legend still waiting to unfold
    A military industry in underground death factories
    Produce more and more esoteric weapons of war
    Clandestine operations
    Inhumane experimentations

    Treading unknown paths, explore the bizarre
    Twist the tide, reverse the fortune of war

    Unnatural sightings, mysterious Lights
    Dark secrets of the Reich
    The legacy of the black sun
    Burning bright in the sky

    Are they lying in wait beneath the polar ice
    Or hiding in the dark side of the moon

    Over 60 years have passed, legend remain unsolved
    As the war was lost they took their secrets to the grave
    Will they emerge from the shadow
    Vengeance and victory, rise to power once more

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