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Gegründet am: 24. Jul. 2008
For all people who think that we deserve peace, love and understanding and no need wars. If you think similarly - join us.

We are:
- against all kind of wars,
- against the evil and sensless killing each other,
- against bad people who making money on misery the others,

- attend that we merit respect, love, peace and we are full of understanding,
- have good nature and like to help the others...

This group it's not only for hippies (because of PEACE LOVE words :) ), but for all people.

No matter of the music taste you have, nation you belong to or religion you pray. We are all human like you. Lets love each other and make this WORLD better for us and our children.

To make our community bigger and bigger tell about us your friends. Lets show that we care to make this WORLD better.

Enjoy good music and have a nice day :)

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