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(sic)monic are

Taylor Hession - vocals
Robert Warren - guitar
Ray Goodwin - guitar/violin
Jason Williams - bass
Douglas Berry - drums

(sic)monic emerged 02/05 when the string section of The Awakening (Ray Goodwin, Robert (Bob) Warren, Jason Williams) merged with vocalist Taylor Hession of Bedlam 23 and drummer Douglas Berry of O.S.M. The result is a heart crushing sound fused with melodic integrity that is pushing modern musical boundaries into an extreme new territory. A driving force loaded with an arsenal of sound and concept, (sic)monic will tear through the industry and its alliance will continue to grow.
Extreme live performance is the foundation of (sic)monic.

(sic)monic owns the stage as all members engage in a complete and relentless envelopment of the sound being created. All members have extensive musical training and are backed by high-quality pro-level equipment.

(sic)monic paints the musical depiction of a brutal chaos intertwined with melodious harmony that surrounds the human experience. This fusion of chaos and harmony is orchestrated by musicians that have mastered musical proficiency in multiple styles ranging from death metal to jazz fusion.

Guitarists Ray and Robert (Bob), the original founding members, had started the band over 6 years ago which was then known as The Awakening. Jason, after beating out many other bassists in multiple auditions (but a lack of equipment initially held him back), officially signed on over 4 years ago. He immediately became, and remains, a serious "core" member of the band and the string/rhythm section.

Douglas also knew the potential of this band, and through a lengthy audition period, he was unanimously selected for his unique style of drumming. Douglas has been an official member for over 2 years and remains a staple member of the driving force behind (sic)monic.

After having several different combinations of vocalists, the group knew the sound was good, but not exactly what they were searching for. The band searched high and low, only now for a new for a front man who could bring the band to the level they had strived to reach for so long. Again the band found themselves auditioning many singers over a period of several months.

Upon hearing Taylor they knew they were onto something great. They needed to have this man become a permanent member of their band. Taylor was quickly made an official member, and after relocating to a new city, the group, now complete, went on to form the band that would come to be known as (sic)monic.

(sic)monic has released a 3 song demo, a media video trailer, a new web site and continually perform live to keep the fan base growing and alive. (sic)monic are soon to release a full-length album as well as an online store to accommodate the needs of (sic)monic music fans world wide.

Sicmonic's second Aural Music release "Darcauditure" due spring 2012!

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