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It has been 20 years since Enigma’s first album was released… Up until now we have enjoyed our fans’ support, devotion and appreciation. We must say that we never expected this journey to turn so great. But life proved, yet again, that dreams become reality when you put your heart and mind into something and really “push the limits”.

Therefore we would like to thank everyone that ever acquired an Enigma album, listened to our songs, expressed appreciation of our music or enjoyed this musical experiment in any other way. You are the major success factor behind these 20 years of Enigma in the global music arena. We love you for that!

On the eve of this anniversary, we sat down and tried to think of a way to commemorate it in a manner that will involve everyone – You (the fan), Us (the Enigma Team and in particular Michael Cretu) and everyone else that wants to be part of the celebration. How can we give back something that allowed us making music for such a long time? Well, we think that it’s time to let you be part of what made us so happy and still does: Creating songs. And this is why we want to create a song with you!

How? We have set up a small website www.enigmasocialsong.com that will be the center of the song creation process along with our other social networks channels. Michael will take the same approach in the song production that he usually does and you will have a chance to input or voice out your preferences along the way. That’s why we call it the “Social Song”.

Update: you can now listen to the new tune, as well as see it's cover art here: http://soundcloud.com/enigmaspace/mmx-the-social-song/s-8vlG4

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