• Festivals in Tunisia

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    Matmata Festival - Matmata (March)

    Festival Oriljazz (abril)

    Festival "Tozeur, the Oriental, the African" (April)

    International spring festival - Sbeitla (April)

    Arab poetry festival - Tozeur - (April)

    Carthage Jazz festival - Gammarth (April)

    Tozeur’s International Oasis Festival - Tozeur (December)

    Techno House festival - Gammarth (December)

    Dar Sebastian celebrates opera festival - lyrical festival -(December)

    Caravana Latina” Festival - Tozeur (December)

    Traditional Saharan festival - Douz (December)
  • Oujda hosts third international rai festival

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    Thousands of Moroccan rai fans gathered from Thursday through Saturday (July 25th) for a three-day international music event in Oujda, the capital of Morocco's Oriental region. Big-name Maghreb rai singers Rachid Berriah, Bilal, Reda Taliani, Cheba Zehouania, Mohamed Lamine and others captivated large audiences of dedicated rai enthusiasts.

    The event, which featured both traditional Moroccan folk music and modern songs, aimed to bring together international rai stars and also establish a reputation as one of Morocco's top arts spectaculars, festival director Farid Chourak told Magharebia.

    "It's a landmark event for musicians," said frequent participant Rachid Berriah. The well-known artist said the Oujda international festival was an opportunity for singers to meet and promote rai music.

    Mohamed Lamine agreed, saying that he felt fortunate to be taking part in such a high-profile event alongside so many established singers.

    The festival was founded in 2007 to help rai music take hold in the region and open it up to the influence of other musical genres. "We're trying to reflect the plural heritage of Morocco by opening up the musical culture of the Oriental Region," organisers explained.

    The Oujda rai celebration has proved to be a financial boon to the region.

    "The festival puts the spotlight on our city's development and boosts tourism and local investment," noted local teacher Nadia Hajri.

    High-calibre performers lit up the evenings during the festival. The elegant Latifa Raafat, a first-time participant to the festival, got the event under way with her well-known songs. The audience sang along in unison.

    "The event has attracted more than 700,000 people. That's a dream for any artist," Raafat said with joy. To the delight of spectators, Raafat sang a duet with Lamine that blended modern Moroccan music with rai.

    Ahmed, a young IT worker from Nador, said the event could not be missed, as it was an opportunity to come face-to-face with rai musicians.

    "Rai is best enjoyed live," he said, dancing along to Lamine's music.
  • Official Short-Movie to Air France Flight 447 Disaster

    20. Jun. 2009, 11:33 von Axonee

    Did we know it happened? Do we have foreknowledge , who were the offenders able to be? Was it attack or not?

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    Original text to video:

    Music and video produced, edited, composed by:

    Story by: Gary Halfton

    Written and designed by: Tibor Ölveti - Dj.Ölvety
    Directed, music by: Yr. Robert Lalkovits - Axone

    Video Genre: Terramystical thriller film productions
    Music Genre: , &

    Release date: (USA and Hungary)

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    Memorial for victims...
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    Other descriptions about :

    Air France was a scheduled commercial flight from , , to , , that crashed on 1 June 2009 over the with the presumed loss of all 216 passengers and 12 crew members onboard.

    The aircraft, an Air France , took off on 31 May 2009 at 19:03 local time (22:03 UTC). The last contact with the crew was a routine message to Brazilian air traffic controllers at 01:33 UTC, as the aircraft approached the edge of radar surveillance over the Atlantic Ocean, en-route to Senegalese-controlled airspace off the coast of . Forty minutes later, a four-minute-long series of automatic radio messages was received from the plane, indicating numerous problems and warnings. The exact meanings of these messages are still under investigation, but the aircraft is believed to have been lost shortly after it sent the automated messages. After the aircraft failed to contact air traffic control on either continent, a search and rescue operation was initiated.

    Amazing creation , watch it!!!

    Gracy Thams
  • Tabarka Jazz Festival to draw international stars

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    The Tunisian coastal resort of Tabarka will host international reggae, ethno jazz, electro, latino, rock and funk musicians for a series of open-air concerts from July 10th-19th, local press reported on Thursday (June 18th). Tabarka Jazz Festival performers will include Alpha Blondie, Al Di Meola, Boi Akih and Billy Cobham.
  • Jazz Chellah festival encourages musical dialogue

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    For five days, the Jazz au Chellah festival drew lovers of the free-form musical style to the Moroccan capital. Event organisers hope the event serves as a vehicle for dialogue between cultures.

    The Jazz au Chellah festival closed in a blaze of glory on Monday (June 15th), with leading Scandinavian group JazzKamikaze and Finnish trio PLOP thrilling the audience in the capital city.

    Over five days, hundreds of music-lovers came to enjoy the evening concerts as part of the event, which has become one of Rabat's premier annual attractions. It draws fans both young and old from towns across Morocco. The 1,000-seat Chellah stadium could not hold all the fans of this musical style, which has captivated urban Moroccans for decades.

    Rabat is not the only place where this style of music is celebrated – Tangier and Casablanca will also welcome jazz musicians of various kinds later this year.

    The festival is the longest-established and has built itself a world reputation over the years. Organised by the European Commission Delegation to Morocco, in partnership with the culture ministry, the event celebrated its fourteenth year in 2009. From June 11th-15th, the event brought together some 40 artists from 14 European countries, who met up with Moroccan musicians of all kinds.

    Based on the principle of interaction between European and Moroccan cultures, "Jazz au Chellah" capitalises on the freedom of jazz to lay the foundations for a culture of dialogue, the organisers said.

    The festival's artistic director and musician Majid Bekkas Bekkas said that the watchword this year was cross-pollination between artists, to help sweep away prejudice. "It’s better for us to forget our received ideas and take a generous dose of Chellah Jazz to go far beyond conventions and fashions, and instead to discover a new way of sharing music," he said.

    Bruno Dethomas, head of the EC delegation in Morocco, said it is possible through musical dialogue to achieve greater closeness between peoples and to counter prejudice.

    Each evening's concert drew a large audience. The opening event was headlined by legendary Spanish-Cuban pianist Omar Sosa, known for his synthesis of jazz and the musical outpourings of the Afro-Cuban diaspora.

    A strong presence by Amazigh cultural figures was the biggest innovation this year, with artists such as percussionist Khalid El Berkaoui and Driss El Maaloumi.

    The number of young people drawn to the performances was notable.

    "Over the past four years I've become used to this annual event," said 17-year-old Nassim, who attended with his mother and three of his friends. "It's a real opportunity for young people, especially as the tickets are so affordable for students. It's a good thing the festival comes after the baccalaureate examinations."
  • Tunisia to host salsa dance event

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    Some 500 international salsa artists will participate in Tunisia's first International Salsa Congress, set to run June 18th-20th in Hammamet, Tunisia Online reported on Thursday (June 11th). The event will promote artistic and cultural exchanges between salsa music and dance fans. Dance classes will be among 32 different workshops open to the public.
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  • World Sacred Music Festival opens in Fez

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    The 15th edition of the World Sacred Music Festival opens on Friday (May 29th) in Morocco's spiritual capital of Fez, MAP reported. Music and dance performances include Moroccan Sufi chants, Pakistani qawwali, American gospel and soul, Egyptian madhi, Christian saeta, Iranian percussion, Indian gwalior chants and Turkish dervishes. The festival, which will run through June 6th, also offers conferences, art exhibits and a city-wide fair.
  • Successful Carthage Festival comes to a close

    15. Mai. 2009, 23:48 von simbad38

    The 44th Carthage International Festival came to an end on Sunday. Reactions from organisers and fans have been positive, with large audiences turning out for a wide variety of Tunisian, Arab and Western music.

    The 44th annual Carthage International Festival ended Sunday (August 17th), bringing to a close what organisers are calling the most successful event in years in terms of attendance.

    "I think that the Tunisian performances were what attracted the audience," said 45-year-old Najib Belaid. "This may be because of the scheduling, and the festival manager was able to find out the secret of a successful recipe in Carthage."

    This year's festivities opened with a Tunisian performance entitled "Gathering and Gaiety" in which director Bechir Idrissi addressed different aspects of Tunisian culture and tradition, as well as youth-related issues.

    A number of Arab singing stars took part in this year's Carthage Festival, such as Majida El Roumi and Najwa Karam from Lebanon; Hani Shaker and Angham from Egypt; Latifa Arfaoui, Saber Rebai and Amina Fakhet from Tunisia and Kazem al-Saher from Iraq.

    The closing performance, also Tunisian, was entitled Ya Leil Ya Qamar (O night, O moon!) by Tunisian musician Mohammed Garfi, who presented lyrics and mouwashahat (terza rima) which sang of love and homeland.

    Mohammed Garfi also presented a number of Arab poems set to original music, most notably "Watani jabinak" by the late Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, sung by singer Slah Mesbah.

    The performance also featured classical music pieces from Mozart's operas "The Marriage of Figaro" and "The Magic Flute".

    About this blending of western and oriental music, music student Haitem Hdiri told Magharebia: "This is a courageous initiative because it is difficult to blend between the two styles. He also used musical pieces from operas as part of the Carthage Theatre. However, Garfi's music derives from oriental heritage and western opera art."

    Audience members were divided in their assessment of the closing performance. There were some who considered it inferiour to what Garfi has been presenting in terms of music, while others saw in it a good, innovative initiative.

    "I was actually surprised with this performance. It looked as if Garfi was giving a lesson to his students at the university. I didn't see Garfi as I know him in presenting Arab musical decorations. In fact, this performance was not suitable as a conclusion for Carthage," Anisa Youssef said.

    Another attendee, 15-year-old Olfa, disagreed. "I came here especially to enjoy what master Garfi presented. He has us accustomed to quality work, and he didn't disappoint us in this performance," she said.

    Wahid Kouki feels Garfi was correct in selecting the voices, such as Slah Mesbah and Noureddine Beji. "He is a refined artist," Kouki said, "and I'm thirsty for such performances."

    Noureddine Beji, a Tunisian musician, said, "Garfi is a great master and his thoughts are good. His music is wonderful, and he loves difficult things."

    Amani, 25 years old, said, "Carthage is one of the biggest Arab festivals. This edition featured many surprises and good performances. The opening was like a show that displayed Tunisian culture and heritage in all of its aspects. The closing performance was also Tunisian and many beautiful voices took part in it. We also can't forget that the Arab performances also attracted huge audiences, such as Kadhem Saher's performance."

    The next major event to be held at the Roman theatre in Carthage is an Arab and foreign cinema series from August 24th to 31st.
  • European cultural festival in Algeria celebrates 10th anniversary

    10. Mai. 2009, 21:35 von simbad38

    The 10th anniversary edition of the European Cultural Festival in Algiers will feature more than 100 artists from over 16 countries, Liberte reported on Thursday (May 7th). The festival, set to run from May 10th-31st, will close with an all-Algerian night featuring gnawa music group Diwan.