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Similar Artists - how does it work?

  • Similar Artists - how does it work?

    OK, so far I've added a small handful of relevent entries to 'Similar artists' for the band that I work with. What's to stop me from adding every artist in the known universe to this list, is there a limit? And why would I want to use ratings of less than 100%?

  • good question

    why don't you try it and let me know if it works. "-)

    also, I wonder if that actually got your music played on the radio.

    take heart, my friend....
  • If you added every artist in the known universe (or shall we say not applicable artists) to your Similar Artists data, you'd find two things.

    Firstly, it would take a fairly long time for the tracks to get served up to people on the radio, as it would difficult to target radio listeners with that kind of "taste" in music.

    and then secondly, as the Similar Artist data is eventually out weighed by "real" data from our listeners (whether they love/listen/skip/ban the track), and if you'd deliberately targeted it incorrectly (ie targeting death metal to britney spears), you'd find that a greater number of people skipped or banned your track from their profile, and that in turn would cause your tracks to be served less often to all our users.

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