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Getting Started/Common Problems

  • Getting Started/Common Problems

    Here is a list of things we already know about and what can be done...

    Why am I sharing my page with another band who have the same name as mine?

    Unfortunately right now can't distinguish between artists with the same name, so they end up inhabiting the same artist page on We're working on this with things like our fingerprinting technology and will hopefully have an awesome solution soon.

    In the meantime the best thing to do is to edit the artist wiki to say there are several artists with this name, e.g. (1) is a rock band from the UK the other (2) is a minimal techno artist. A better example can be found at

    My artist is listed as 'this is my artist name' on, but it should be 'This Is My Artist Name'

    If the capitalisation of your artist's name is wrong then let us know: email us with your artist name and the correct capitalisation and we can change this for you. This applies for track names too.

    If you're wondering what this is caused by, it's the capitalisation used by the first person to scrobble your music.

    I don't have similar artists or a 'Play artist radio' button on my artist page

    As a new artist on, you may find that you don't have any similar artists, and as such typing your artist name into the radio may not provide enough content to create a station.

    Similar artists are calculated using a complicated algorithm that relies upon having enough data to work out the most popular artists amongst your listeners. They are re-generated regularly and you can be assured that as soon as there is enough data available to calculate your similar artists they will be. You can help us along by following the advice here.

    In the meantime your artist will still be available to play directly from your artist pages and in various radio modes we offer.

    Why are there all these videos I didn't upload on my page? Can I delete them?

    We currently pull videos onto artist pages from YouTube; this is based on tagging and every so often may provide something incorrect.

    If you find there are videos you don't want on your page from YouTube then you should find a delete button on the video page. This will only appear on video pages for artists you have control over in your Music Manager. If you have any other problems with this service, contact us here.

    When does my artist page play count update?

    These should update every Monday morning. There may sometimes be delays in this, but please be patient as whenever this occurs it is usually a site wide problem and will be rectified ASAP.

    I'm trying to upload a correct file but getting an error message

    In this case, please first check this information. If you are still experiencing problems after that, contact us instead of posting in the forum as we'll need to test your specific file.

    If these FAQs haven't helped, then check out the rest of the forum or hit our full Music Manager FAQ.

    Thanks a lot,
    - Music Team

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  • Re: Known Issues and Common Problems

    And don't forget to check the status page first if you have problems with uploading tracks and/or tracks not appearing on the album pages etc.

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