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Catalogue update is hung

  • Catalogue update is hung


    I've been trying to add two more tracks in the album, but something went wrong. On homepage they show as Failed Imports, two other tracks that were here earlier now show as Incomplete. The album is hung for quite a long time now ("The catalogue is being updated to reflect recent updates to this album"). Tried to upload the tracks into a new album - worked fine. Any solution to this?

  • Me too!

    I'm having the same problem. I've had an album in queue for almost a month.

  • The problem is still here. No solution to this?

  • up

  • Hi,

    These problems are caused by uploading a new version of an album that's already online.

    Vilmar_Hillow: I've cleared out your duplicate failed imports, and it seems this has fixed things. If you wish to add tracks to your release, please do so under Manage > Catalogue > clicking the release > clicking Add another track, instead of going to the Upload tab.

    SirBoltagon: I've removed your duplicates, but your release is still queued. If this hasn't updated in 24 hours let me know so I can clear out your releases for reupload.


  • Thank you Helen, problem is indeed solved.

  • Thank you, Helen!

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