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New Scrobbler for Lion works, but crashes nonstop.

  • New Scrobbler for Lion works, but crashes nonstop.

    It scrobbles music from iTunes and iPod (classic and touch). However it crashes iTunes all the time. If you play the last song in a playlist it crashes, if you preview a song in the store, it crashes, randomly just for no reason, it crashes. Lion, iTunes 10.4, and Scrobbler

  • Yup, I think everyone is experiencing this. Would definitely like to have a fix for that. In the mean time put your repeat modus on in iTunes. Makes it crash less :).

  • you can have itunes open in 32bit mode, it's not ideal but its stops the crashing :/

  • I'm still on Snow Leopard and is crashing iTunes constantly when I try to edit tracks on a CD I want to import. I've noticed random other crashes (like double clicking on a track to play it, then double clicking on another straight away). I got rid of at home completely, and iTunes is working like a dream. Oddly, is still on my work Mac, also running Snow Leopard, with the same versions of both iTunes and, and I haven't experienced one crash yet...

    themilkman | | London

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