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Com Error despite consolidation

  • Com Error despite consolidation

    Hello! I only very recently made my account, and I've been trying to get the client to scrobble all of my recent history off of my iPod, as I have thousands of listens. It's manually managed, so I immediately consolidated all of the files through iTunes. However, while scrobbling through the diagnostic section, I get the same
    Com Error: Com couldn't get file path for XXX - XXX - Result Code: S_FALSE
    error for literally every song on my iPod. All of the songs are there, and they're correctly tagged. iTunes and are both completely updated, though my iPod Touch is running iOS 4. I've restarted and re-installed and iTunes multiple times, shutting down my computer whenever prompted. I'm also running WinFLP on an Asus EEE pc, if that at all matters.

    Frankly, it's not that big of a deal, but considering the hours I've sunk into trying to fix this, I'd like to reach a solution. I've seen lots of old, old posts about this on the forums, but all of them are terribly inconclusive. Assistance would be splendiferous.


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