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Listening to loved tracks?

  • Listening to loved tracks?

    I have the client installed and I want to be able to listened to the tracks I've previously loved, but that option seems to have disappeared.

    I don't like the site now, it's messy. When you search for certain tracks, you don't even get the original version of the song.

    One page I was on for a song, I played the video and it was a shoddy concert one taken on a mobile phone!

    Not good at all!

    • dankine schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 1. Mai. 2012, 19:41
    you can't listen to a loved tracks radio anymore, you can tag them as such an listen to that radio though. may need to be a subscriber.

    flag wrong videos, they are simply pulled from yt.

  • I've subscribed and I can't see what my £3 has paid for exactly, I can't see any difference with my account.

    The playing loved tracks option has gone, I want it back!

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