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your soundcard i missing or busy

  • your soundcard i missing or busy

    OK. this is 2 hours now of trying to open app from diferent places, reading everything, and generally feeling like a jerkee.
    windows 7, IE or Firefox. Keep getting same error message ."yOU ARE AN IDIOT FOR EVEN THINKING YOU CAN GET ANY MUSIC APP TO WORK AND SINCE WE CAN'T COME UP WITH ANYTHING ELSE TO ANNOY YOU WE'LL SAY THAT YOUR SOUNDCARD IS Busy OR MISsING. No it's not. My soundcard i s just fine. Any ideas? thankscu1

  • Re: your soundcard i missing or busy

    choonheadmon said:
    reading everything
    You must've missed the first thread in this forum, called Scrobbler: Known Issues and Common Problems, because there's an entry which goes as follows:

    Sound card error with Windows 7

    Some users have reported the error "Your sound card is either busy or not present. Try restarting the application" when trying to use the client on Windows 7, although there are no problems with their sound cards.

    If you're getting this error, check if you have the client pinned to the taskbar and if yes, try unpinning it from there and opening it from somewhere else instead (e.g. the start menu).

  • I get this message now also, on Windows XP. The Client is NOT pinned to the start menu though and my soundcard works perfectly fine otherwise.

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    • 18. Apr. 2012, 15:54

    sound card busy

    Just subscribed yesterday and am getting the same problem described. Unpinned from taskbar and tried opening everywhere else without success, so that fix is apparently a myth. Less than 24, last FM. Not much of a warm welcome.

  • Have you already tried the new Beta version?

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