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Bomb found in Newry had potential to be devastating - PSNI

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    • 28. Apr. 2012, 20:24

    Bomb found in Newry had potential to be devastating - PSNI

    RTÉ News

    The police officer leading the investigation into the discovery of a 600lb (272kg) bomb close to the border in south Co Down has said the device had the potential to devastate any town.

    Speaking in Newry this afternoon, Chief Superintendent Alasdair Robinson said a bomb of this size would kill anyone within 50m and seriously injure those within a 100m radius.

    Meanwhile, a second bomb was discovered in north Belfast overnight.

    It was found under a parked car at the junction of the Ballygomartin Road and Twaddell Avenue...

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    Shocking Behaviour.

    Even during the Provisional I.R.A's bombing campaigns they rarely showed such recklessness for life, even for bombs that went off.

    It's mad in this day and age with both communities calling for an end to it, their mandate is only to serve themselves and no one else.

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