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Rangers owner Craig Whyte banned for life by SFA

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    • Benutzer
    • 23. Apr. 2012, 23:25

    Rangers owner Craig Whyte banned for life by SFA

    BBC Sport

    Rangers owner Craig Whyte has been banned for life from any involvement in Scottish football.

    The Scottish Football Association also imposed a 12-month transfer embargo on the club, who are in administration.

    Rangers have been fined £160,000 while Whyte - who was charged with not being a fit and proper person to be a director - faces fines of £200,000.

    "It doesn't affect my life, I'm just disappointed what it does to Rangers. It's an outrage," Whyte told BBC Sport....

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    To be frank, the fines imposed on Rangers itself are the same any club would face. It might deter others from running clubs into the ground. Like Whyte says, it doesn't affect him personally but isn't that the point?

    If those super-rich owners think they can run a club into the group and for the club to be spared...they've brought the game into disrepute. It's a firm but fair ruling.

  • Whyte has done from little wrong. It was David Murray who is responsible for all Rangers problems. Whyte is just being made scapegoat by Murray, the press, the SFA/SPL and the fans who were all too stupid, corrupt and/or incompetent to realize that Murray was (thankfully) destroying the club.

    The transfer Embargo is fantastic, I have giant smile on my face right now, with every half-decent player going to leave Rangers in the summer. Rangers are getting relegated. Although the ban will probably be lifted on appeal

    Although they will probably get liquidated first which means they shouldn't in the SPL anyway, but the people the control the SPL will probably bend the rules to let a phoenix Rangers back in the SPL, debt free. If that happens though, I will stop never go back to an SPL game again. The SPL probably want Rangers liquidated so a debt-free newco than reappear in the SPL.

    • lawynd schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 25. Apr. 2012, 18:28
    Murray is a tool, but Whyte is one shady bastard and should probably be in prison for his various shenanigans over the years.

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