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Autotagger for Album Names, Too?

  • Autotagger for Album Names, Too?


    first of all, sorry if this has been discussed multiple times. Just thought of bringing this up if this miraculously hasn't been suggested before, after all.

    How about making autotagger fix the erroneous album tags as well? I try to keep my bands and song names in order, but admittedly I'm having troubles with many music databases' versions of album names. They can be anything from Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band to Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band [Bonus Tracks] [Remastered] [Deluxe Edition]. You know those. I have never bothered to manually change album names. Nor do I know (and bother to find) any way to fix them automatically (because they have been inconsistent from day one).

    I know nothing of programming, but wouldn't it be possible to let the autotagger fix the album names as well? Wouldn't the process be analogous to that of fixing the band or track names?

    Also, could there be a way to merge some old erroneous tags into one? That is, if one has listened to many different Sgt. Pepper'ses, could they be put under only the correct name?

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