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Ad Gimmicks

    • TAZeltine schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 10. Apr. 2012, 0:41

    Ad Gimmicks

    I would like to voice an opinion about the tricky little add gimmicks designed to trick the user into clicking on an ad. These are annoying and discourage me from wanting to have anything to do with the product being advertised. If I continue to experience this, I may not use in the future.

  • Could you give some specific examples of which ads with what kind of gimmicks you're talking about? A screenshot might be helpful too.

    Note that ads are added automatically to the site, so that some might not follow all of's guidelines.

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    • Maddieman schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 12. Apr. 2012, 12:34
    That's correct, - if you find an advert that you think is too intrusive, deceptive, or otherwise objectionable, please report it to us and we will investigate. Advertising on the site is localised, so we'll need to know which country you're accessing the website from as well.

    • Dekator schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 12. Apr. 2012, 16:13

    Chiming in

    Sorry to chime in here... it's not exactly the same issue but seemed close enough (so as not to open a new thread). I noticed that flash banners (ads) are now within the 'white box' on one's profile page. I consider that too intrusive, as it moves one's personal info to the bottom. Around the box is fine, I suppose, but inside it looks like I'm personally advertising whatever shows up there. Is that the new policy or can it be changed?

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  • if you're having a problem with ads... I might have the answer.

    My suggestions is to look into a good script blocker like NO SCRIPT for Firefox, or NotScripts for Opera (and there's probably analogues for Safari and Chrome too, just google for them).

    This will do the job of blocking the annoying domains which are the advertising culprits, i.e., and, which i've noticed seem to be the "gateway" domains that lead to more (recursive) domain ads. With No Script, I SEE NO ADS AT ALL on NONE.

    ALTERNATIVELY, there are other ways to achieve your goal without having to deal with the total script blackout policy of a No Script-like add-on (which can be bothersome and confusing for inexperienced users).

    --- One suggestion would be to put the above listed domains into your host file giving them the IP designation: (if you don't know where/how to do this, please look it up on google, there are quick & easy tutorials on making hosts file edits)
    --- You can also block these domains in whatever firewall you have running; the same goes for advanced router settings if you don't want to set it up on each and every computer you own.
    --- The last option I could think of off-hand is to signup for a free service like OpenDNS and setup the blocks there... they also have other features that can be useful too. I only recommend this if you have need for their other services and have issues with the DNS your ISP provides.

    And that's it. If you're reading this and want help with any of these, feel free to contact me via PM here. I, personally, recommend No Script, or equivalent, but to understand why that is, I would have to post a lengthy follow up. I can tell you, however, that one of the biggest reasons is that the 3 domain addresses previously mentioned are the only issue at THIS moment. There's no guarantee these will remain the only ad (gateway) domains active in the future . No Script, or equivalent, will natively block all domains until you tell it otherwise; therein lies the beauty of its function.

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