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Forum rules: Please read before posting

  • Forum rules: Please read before posting

    Some rules and guidelines to make life a bit easier for everyone here in the Website Support forum. Thanks for reading :)

    Before creating a thread:
    • Read the "Known Issues" thread before posting anything, and don't forget to have a look at our FAQ and System Status as well.
    • Search the forum, and read all the front page topics with a title remotely similar to the problem you're having.
    • Prepare as much information as possible to give us in your post - the more information you give us, the easier it is for us to help you.

    When writing your new thread:
    • Use a descriptive title. "How do I delete a track from my playlist?" or "Problems playing radio stations on the site" are good titles. "WTF??" or "Help me!" are bad titles. Descriptive titles make it easier for people with the same problem as you to find your thread.
    • Give as much information as possible. What issue exactly do you encounter, what triggers this problem? What web browser are you using? The more information in your post, the quicker your reply with a useful answer is likely to be. See this FAQ for a few tips.

    Things that should not be posted in this forum:
    • Feedback, new ideas, suggestions etc. The feedback forum is here, the "Previously Suggested Ideas" thread can be found here.
    • Posts about issues with/questions about the Scrobbler (the desktop client), including iPod scrobbling. The Scrobbler support forum is here.
    • Posts about the iPhone application, this has its own forum here.
    • Posts about issues with/questions about the on the Xbox. Please use this forum here and don't forget to have a look at the Xbox FAQ.
    • Support requests from labels/artists using our Music Manager and other labels/artists services, see here for how to get help.
    • Write in English, we can't respond to queries in other languages here in the English support forums. There are local language support forums on the international sites, although unfortunately we won't be able to provide official support for you there.

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