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Can 2 accounts become 1?

  • Can 2 accounts become 1?


    I now have 2 accounts (because of several reasons I had to make a new one last year, it had mosty to do with my music player but I won't explain furthur): and

    I would like my VaganzzaMusic account disappears and everything will be in my Vaganzza account without losing all my stats and library, friends, subscribe ... of my VaganzzaMusic account. In fact I'm asking to merge these 2 accounts into 1, namely the Vaganzza account. So I can also only use my Vaganzza account in the future.

    Is this possible? Or can you make this possible for me?

    • [Gelöschter Benutzer] schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 19. Mai. 2012, 15:54
    Unfortunately user accounts can't be merged.
    The only known occurrence of merged or renamed accounts was an experiment on a staff account, and I guess it was too complicated to implement generally due to the username being the primary dbkey.

    It's apparently perfectly allowed to have more than one lastfm account as a workaround though; staff and mods have never forbidden it.

  • I looked for opening a new account and import my library. But it cann't be done via my music player (Helium Music Manager). I do have a .xml file with all my player data, but I can't seem to import this.

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