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prblem staring radio

    • girliejoe schrieb...
    • Benutzer
    • 30. Nov. 2011, 4:46

    prblem staring radio

    thats the message tried going drectly to artist same message

    What next?

  • My library radio plays, but artist radios don't.

    On the client, I get a message that reads, "Error: This item is not available for streaming."

    On Firefox and Safari, I get a message that reads, "Oops, there was a problem starting this station. Please try again."

    Is there any further information that would be helpful?

  • it seems not for all, since I can play right now:

    scrobbler client on linux
    (current location: Germany)

    Member of the Musicology group. I appreciate feedback to my 6 albums.

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