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Jul 20

The Sound And Fury Festival 2012

Mit Alpha & Omega, Bane und 56 weitere Künstler in Earl Warren Showgrounds


Freitag, 20. Juli 2012Sonntag, 22. Juli 2012


Earl Warren Showgrounds
3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara, 93105, United States

Tel: (805) 687-0766


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FRIDAY: Bankrobber, Basement, Comeback Kid, Disgrace, Downpresser, Focused Minds, Hardside, Ill Intent, Ivy League, The Mongoloids, New Brigade, Rotting Out, Sabertooth Zombie, Single Mothers, Suburban Scum, Take Offense, Touche Amore, Xibalba

SATURDAY: Bane, Bent Life, Born Low, Creatures, Donnybrook, Earth Crisis, Friend or Foe, H2O, Harness, Holy Fever, Mindset, Minority Unit, Naysayer, Night Birds, No Tolerance, Nomads, Piece By Piece, Retaliate, Souvenirs, Terror, The Wrongside

SUNDAY: Alpha & Omega, The Beautiful Ones, Black Breath, Blacklisted, Brawl, Break Away, Ceremony, Dead End Path, Early Graves, Everything Went Black, Fire & Ice, Harms Way, Hour of the Wolf, Mountain Man, Rival Mob, Seahaven, Silver Snakes, Tough Luck, Xerxes

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