• Great Escape 2012 RAN DOWN mo fo

    13. Mai. 2012, 0:01 von theboredone

    Thu 10 May – The Great Escape 2012


    1. Francois & The Atlast Mountains - Great fun live, don't sound anything like they don record & gave a very energetic performance which reminded me of the likes of Animal Collective. The drummer was a real highlight he commanded the stage and pulled some amazing faces. 7/10

    2. Porcelain Raft 2.15pm - I attempted to see this but they took so long to set up I actually felt faint. Marred by technical issues once again I had to leave, heard the end of the set it sounded okay but The Prince Albert was a shambles by this point in terms of organisation and technical fucks up, real shame. N/A

    3. College 3.15pm - We got in to see College despite the ridiculous demand & it was a very fun set, he got the crowd dancing but he lacked the visuals due to technichal fuck ups at the Prince Albert... it's not their fault and this stuff happens but it meant the wasn't anything to look at! Still good dancing times to be had in the mid afternoon 7/10