• metal-exposure: wacken 2011

    29. Aug. 2011, 22:10 von whatevaaah

    Thu 4 Aug – Wacken Open Air 2011

    Wacken Open Air 2011 was already the 22nd edition of the world’s biggest metal open air festival.
    I’ve been at Wacken several times for fun, but for metal-exposure this year I came for some serious business.
    Even though the festival officially starts on Thursday, half of the metal battle bands and more already play on Wednesday. And since most people also already had arrived on Wednesday, it was time to get this party started!



    27. Aug. 2011, 17:51 von Tular666

    Чт 4 Авг – Wacken Open Air 2011

    - Чёрт, я опять хочу на Вакен.
    - О, а что, уже был там?
    - Нет. Уже хотел.

    Хорошая шутка неизвестного авторства отныне для меня не актуальна, ура! Да-да, свершилось то, о чем мечталось уже минимум лет пять. Десятки просмотренных концертных видео, на которых пачками летают краудсёрферы, тысячи голосов в унисон поют старые знакомые песни, народ крутится в рекордно длинных сёркл-питах, а музыканты выкладываются так сильно, как нигде больше, долгое время не оставляли ничего другого, как истекать слюной, а читаемые в интернете отзывы посетителей и самих артистов – скрючиваться от чёрной зависти. К тому же ещё Сэм Данн со своим приснопамятным путешествием. Нет, после таких воздействий посещение Вакена становится идеей-фикс, сверхзадачей и чуть ли не смыслом (музыкальной) жизни. Что интересно, до поры до времени казалось, что мечта и должна оставаться мечтой, но в один прекрасный день в голове что-то переклинивает и возникает мысль: «А я ведь должен там быть!». …
  • Rückblick auf Wacken Open Air 2011

    18. Aug. 2011, 20:51 von Vagabond97

  • Wacken 2011

    14. Aug. 2011, 16:36 von Darkaan

    Thu 4 Aug – Wacken Open Air 2011

    Seit gut einer Woche ist Wacken 2011 nun Geschichte. Allerhöchste Zeit also endlich einen kleinen Rückblick zu verfassen.
    Auf den Weg machten wir uns am Mittwoch Vormittag zu fünft mit zwei Autos. Am späten Vormittag erreichten wir dann endlich die Elbfähre Glückstadt-Wischhafen, wo Wacken eigentlich quasi beginnt, da dort hauptsächlich andere Festivalbesucher auf die Fähre warten. Nach etwa über zwei Stunden Wartezeit konnten wir endlich mit der Fähre übersetzen und unsere Reise nach Wacken fortsetzen. Auch dieses Jahr gab es keine Staus und so wurden wir immer weiter von den Ordnern zum Campingplatz gelotst, wo wir schließlich auf Campground Q landeten. Mit diesem Campingplatz hatten wir ziemliches Glück. Obwohl wir erst um 15 Uhr in Wacken ankamen, brauchten wir von dort aus nur zehn bis fünfzehn Minuten zum Festivalgelände laufen und hatten es trotzdem sehr ruhig, da auf der einen Seite ein Bauernhof unser Nachbar war und sich zur anderen Seite zwei Zeltreihen weiter eine Wiese befand.
  • † † † MIK's ReportCard - Wacken 2011 † † †

    13. Aug. 2011, 21:25 von WOArulesMetal

    Thu 4 Aug – Wacken Open Air 2011

    Well we arrived on Monday with 390 liters of beer in kegs plus a lot of beer in cans(approx. another 240 liters)...of course we had met, schnapps and whiskey too.

    By Monday evening we had both fridges full plus the freezer running in our rectangle-shaped pavilion tent...was open on the eastside...made it easier for us when we wanted to bbq...our very large party-tent on the northside was turned into a metal disco with two 1000 watt speakers and over 30 000 songs to choose from...on the southside we had a round-shaped pavilion tent for our dispensing equipment ...nothing like beer from tap.

    We were only 1 minute from the main gate in "Area P" and we entertained most of our neighbors...why?...from 2 AM in the morning until 8 to 9 AM we had Karaoke in our metal disco...everyone and anyone was invited...after-hours party...Oooh...I forgot to mention that we were a group from approx. …
  • "Harder, Faster, Louder!" Wacken Open Air 2011

    12. Aug. 2011, 7:04 von Sunkeener

    I swear I will visit Wacken at least one more time. Even though it is a full of mounts of rubbish, hilarious freaks and plastic beer glasses given for a euro deposit. But it is a really safe place for to Russian girls travelling without any men. Thus we drank free beer with our Dutch neighbours, taught them how to order beer in Russia, adored their word “kamiloze” with which they met every one and at the same time mocked the Swedes and watched Airbourne performance sitting at the shoulders of the Germans. Walking through a camping was like crossing a street full of Korean children shouting “hi!” and so on. Hopefully this summer we saw more bands than last year.

    Once again I understood that weather is a very important factor at any festival. Our German friend told us that the weather in Germany resembles the one in Scotland. I've never been to the latter but let's believe him. Despite a lack of sun during festival day we returned home tanned as we spent our holidays not at the biggest metal festival but at some resort.
  • the best festival in the world

    11. Aug. 2011, 19:26 von r1Co

    Thu 4 Aug – Wacken Open Air 2011

    no reads these thing anymore, especially in the glorious summer (cough), so here;s some rambling.

    bus 1 broke down, so we all had to cram into one bus, but it was fun. Some stuff is too explicit too tell which is good :-) ehm, didn't see that many bands because the party at the frisianpartyzone bus went pretty much 24/7 (unless maybe during headlining acts). Got a nice 5-10 hours of sleep total from wedsnesday until sunday afternoon so I was dead and broken on monday (when I had to work at 8 in the morning, wiii). at least this time my glasses were still intact and I had no real injuries (as opposed to last few years), so that was quite positive. The Baguettes ruled, very sad they probably won't return next year. First few band announcements sound very nice, Amon Amarth, Scorpions and especially fucking MINISTRY, hell yeah.

  • Verslag Wacken Open Air 2011 @ festivalblog

    11. Aug. 2011, 17:49 von GothicBowie666

    Thu 4 Aug – Wacken Open Air 2011

    Wacken Open Air staat garant voor drie dagen metal van de bovenste plank. Deze verslaggever was er voor de eerste maal bij, lees het verslag om een indruk te krijgen van de bands en zijn eerste bezoek aan het festival zelf.lees meer
  • Berichte vom Wacken (Judas Priest, Ozzy Osbourne, Motörhead, Slime,...), Rezi von…

    11. Aug. 2011, 15:28 von derfoe

    So, ein dickes Paket gibts heute:

    Der Bericht vom Wacken Open Air! Gesplittet auf 4 Parts...
    Teil 1 mit Mambo Kurt, Blechblosn und dem Wackener Schwimmbad hier
    Teil 2 mit Ozzy Osbourne, Blind Guardian, Halloween, Kvelertak und weiteren hier
    Teil 3 mit Judas Priest, Slime, Kyuss Lives!, Skindred, Bullet, Suicidal Tendencies und mehr hier
    Teil 4 mit Motörhead, Danko Jones, Knorkator, Eläkeläiset, The Haunted und mehr hier


    Außerdem ne neue Plattenrezi:
    http://www.bierschinken.net/platten/cover/small_96db9_n_r_f_b_-_nuclear_raped_fuck_bomb.jpg N.R.F.B. - Nuclear Raped Fuck Bomb

    4.-6. Aug. – Wacken Open Air 2011
  • Diverse Setlisten Wacken 2011

    11. Aug. 2011, 10:46 von metalschorsch

    Do., 4. Aug. – Wacken Open Air 2011


    Are You Metal?
    Eagle Fly Free
    March Of Time
    Where The Sinners Go
    I'm Alive
    Medley Keeper Of The Seven Keys / The King For A 1000 Years / Halloween
    Future World
    Dr. Stein
    I Want Out

    Blind Guardian

    Sacred Worlds
    Welcome To Dying
    Time Stands Still (At The Iron Hill)
    Traveler In Time
    Tanelorn (Into The Void)
    Imaginations From The Other Side
    Lord Of The Rings
    Wheel Of Time
    The Bard's Song - In The Forest
    Mirror Mirror

    Van Canto

    Lost Forever
    Wishmaster (Nightwish Cover)
    One To Ten
    Rebellion (Grave Digger Cover)
    Primo Victoria (Sabaton Cover)
    To Sing A Metal Song
    The Bard's Song - In The Forest (Blind Guardian Cover)
    Water. Fire. Heaven. Earth
    The Mission (incl. Battery (Metallica Cover))
    Kings Of Metal (Manowar Cover)
    Fear Of The Dark (Iron Maiden Cover)

    The Prophecy 23

    B.T.M. (Brutal Thrash Maniacs)
    Avoid Dull People