• Setlist Muse Concert at Gold Coast Parklands, Southport

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  • Big Day Out 2010 @ Gold Coast Parklands - TheAuReview

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    Sun 17 Jan – Big Day Out 2010

    Big Day Out 2010, here we come. In contrast to pleasant cloudy weather at last year’s event, it is so hot today you could practically cook eggs in the sunrays (cue plenty of exposed flesh, Southern Cross tatts, silly sombreros etc in the crowd) by the time we arrive on the Gold Coast – so we slip, slop, slap and adjust our wide-brimmed hats.

    Too late for Karnivool and Decoder Ring, we slice through throngs of already-inebriated revelers on our way to the Parklands, Mastodon’s saturated distortion echoing wide around the area. Rich on squealing pinched harmonics and bone-crushing riffage, the US prog-metallers’ first Australian appearance is as impressive as you would expect from a highly technical heavy music unit, however we don’t get to see axeman Brett Hinds demonstrate his entire arsenal as we set on a tough mission to find a shaded spot near the Orange Stage.

    “Hello, Australia!” yells Kasabian’s newly-shorn frontman Tom Meighan to thunderous crowd…
  • Big Day Out 2010 @ Gold Coast Parklands

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    Sun 17 Jan – Big Day Out 2010

    My contributions to Rave's collective BDO review:

    Ironically, the sun is scorching when UK heroes Kasabian unleash Vlad The Impaler upon the masses. The neo-Madchester vibe is high during the lad-rockers’ solid, West Ryder-heavy set – Underdog, Where Did All The Love Go?, Fast Fuse et al. – while older faves Shoot The Runner, Empire, The Doberman and Club Foot go down like bombs.

    Playing to a comparatively modest gathering, monochrome-clad Londoners The Horrors steal the day with a thoroughly sublime performance. The quintet’s earlier goth-garage shtick is nowhere to be seen as Primary Colours tracks Mirror’s Image, Three Decades, Who Can Say and the magnificent, goosebump-raising Sea Within A Sea lift us into neo-shoegaze stratosphere.

    “I’m sorry down here in the front if you can see my pubes”, giggles Lily Allen, but her enormous crowd doesn’t need an apology. Strutting about in a skimpy, butt-revealing bodysuit, the potty-mouthed pop star delivers a high-calibre performance…