• Defenders Of The Faith - Birmingham Academy 23/4/08

    25. Apr. 2008, 19:54 von DiscouragedDays

    Wed 23 Apr – Metal Hammer Defenders of the Faith Tour

    To cut to the chase...

    3 Inches of Blood - Unfortunately, these guys were already playing when most people were walking in so the first song or two were missed by most. Myself included. However, I caught about 25 minutes of the set and after not hearing many songs from this band beforehand, I was pretty impressed with their performance. Got to feel sorry for them though, half of the Academy was empty when they were on stage. [7]

    DevilDriver - Devildriver are a band I've never really followed. Sure, I liked their self-titled album, and watched them at the Download Festival (twice, and enjoyed both sets!), but tonight they didn't grab my attention. Nor for large numbers of the crowd. [6]

    Arch Enemy - I love this band. From 'Wages Of Sin' and onwards anyway. But last time I watched them I was pretty disappointed with their performance. Tonight was an improvement, but it's still the mediocre/typical Metal performance. …
  • Defenders Of The Faith

    25. Apr. 2008, 16:33 von HellfireSystem

    Wed 23 Apr – Metal Hammer Defenders of the Faith Tour

    Few day ago i went to a gig, Defenders of the Faith. 4 bands i like, none i know well, so unfortunately this ends up being a little vague, but oh well

    Walk home from school, and get in the car with my friend at around 4

    Due to some ingenious travel plans, we arrive at Birmingham airport at around 4:50.
    from there, its the free skyrail to Birmingham international, and we catch the 5:20 train to New Street.
    get a little lost, but we find our way and we stop off at mcdonalds for a little food, in the queue by 6:10

    get inside about 6:45 i think. props to the guys on the door, everything seemed to be moving smoothly as possible.

    arrive inside, swift transaction with the merch guy upstairs, 2 arch enemy t-shirts bought, before going downstairs as quick as possible, before joining the slowly forming pit for 3 Inches of Blood.
    Not sure what song they were playing when we arrived, but heard forest king, deadly sinners and finally Goatriders horde before they go off…