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Mai 25

Unlooped Presents Spring Beats

Mit Blockhead, Adoptahighway und Big Pauper in Stonefly Brewery


Freitag, 25. Mai 2012 um 21:00 Uhr


Stonefly Brewery
735 E. Center St, Milwaukee, 53212, United States

Tel: 414-264-3630


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The follow-up to Unlooped’s Winter Beats. This time it is bigger. Headling Spring Beats will be Ninja Tune artist and producer Blockhead. Best known for working with rapper Aesop Rock a few years ago, Blockhead has new album Interludes After Midnight. Also performing will be Big Pauper. Big Pauper has had a busy twenty six years on earth. Formerly performing under the name Panzah Zandahz, Portland’s Big Pauper is an acclaimed producer, deejay and visual artist with a penchant for forgotten media and discarded technologies. Rounding out the evening will be performances from Milwaukee’s Adoptahighway and Plight of A Parasite

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