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Mai 26

The Centrifuge Presents

Mit Orcas, Benoît Pioulard und Rafael Anton Irisarri in Cafe OTO


Samstag, 26. Mai 2012 um 20:00 Uhr


Cafe OTO
18-22 Ashwin Street, London, E8 3DL, United Kingdom


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The Centrifuge presents:

Orcas (Morr Music)
Rafael Anton Irisarri (Touch, Room40, Ghostly, Miasmah)
Benoît Pioulard (Kranky, Type, Desire Path)
Prima Mater (DJ set)


Quite a last-minute show so please help us to spread the word! The Centrifuge Agency is delighted to be welcoming the critically-acclaimed Orcas for their first ever London show, fresh from the release of their widely praised debut album on Morr Music. This will be a very special evening with both band members, each respected and established in their own right, also performing solo sets.

Seattle’s post-minimalist composer Rafael Anton Irisarri plays his only solo UK show this year and Michigan’s Benoît Pioulard returns to London after recently enchanting a full house at Cafe OTO with his unique guitar and vocal explorations. Be prepared for an evening of Pacific Northwestern experimental guitar music, avant-folk songcraft and symphonic neo-classical ambience.



Orcas is a new band by haze-pop auteur Benoît Pioulard and post-minimalist composer Rafael Anton Irisarri. Theirs is a style deeply rooted in personal variations on songform and ambient craft, and as a duo they bridge the furthest outlying aspects of their previous solo works.

“This type of collaboration between experimental pop musicians can too often devolve into aimless fancywork and tech shenanigans, but Meluch and Irisarri have crafted a genuine, coherent album that conjures immense shadows and immense depths worthy of its namesake.” – Pitchfork Music.



“Irisarri embodies the hybrid genre…the new kind of composer, who exists in an undifferentiated welter of pop, techno, and classical.” – Pitchfork (USA)

Rafael Anton Irisarri is an American composer, multi-instrumentalist, curator, producer and interdisciplinary artist. He is predominantly associated with post-minimalist, drone and ambient music and has been exploring textural electronics for over half a decade. Irisarri’s recorded output captures an essential vision of floating tones, deep pulsing bass and textured Gaussian curves. His use of ostinato phrases taps into minimalist ideals, whilst his use of atmospheric layers of reverb suggests a more cinematic quality. In all, Irisarri’s compositions are deeply emotive and epic to the point of being symphonic.

He is also known as the main member of electronic shoegaze act The Sight Below, and one half of the critically-acclaimed new duo Orcas with…



Since a young age, Michigan resident Thomas Meluch has been fascinated with the sounds of nature and tape decay—through almost a decade of recordings, he has fostered an infatuation with a sort of sonic density that combines remnants of pop song structures with the lushness and unpredictability of field recordings. A veteran drummer of a half dozen bands, Meluch chose guitar and voice as the primary instruments for his work as Benoît Pioulard. He began documenting field recordings and his own lo-fi compositions on dictaphones, discarded stereos and four-track machines in the mid 1990s, later focusing on highly limited CD-R and cassette releases of his experimental, folk-influenced songs for friends and family.

Künstler, die auftreten

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