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Mai 11

Digitalism @ The Hi-Fi

Mit Digitalism, Beni und Local Djs in The Hi-Fi Sydney


Freitag, 11. Mai 2012 um 20:00 Uhr


The Hi-Fi Sydney
Building 220, 122 Lang Rd, Moore Park, 2021, Australia

Tel: 1300 843 443


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Supported by Beni, and local DJs. Digitalism is a German electro duo, founded in 2004 in Hamburg, consisting of Jens “Jence” Moelle and “Isi” Tfeki.

Jens likens Digitalism's songs to simple chapters in a complex novel about social interaction and attraction, with distorted baselines and thumping rhythms comprising the punctuation.

Digitalism is pioneering the electro-punk and indie dance movements, making appearances at festivals such as Parklife, Coachella and various clubs worldwide.

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