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Jan 15


Mit Combichrist im Amplifier Bar


Sonntag, 15. Januar 2012 um 20:00 Uhr


Amplifier Bar
383 Murray Street, Perth, Western Australia, 6000, Australia

Tel: (08) 9321 7606


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Across the course of their five infamous albums including the recent smash hit 'Making Monsters', Andy LaPlagua (Icon Of Coil) and his band of miscreants, Combichrist have redefined the sound of modern industrial music. Their uncompromising blend of vocal aggression, metal guitar filth and brutal synth manipulation, have seen them touring extensively with the likes of Rammstein, faithful fans the world over have been drawn to the band's floor-shattering beats and power noise electronics!
With their latest album 'Making Monsters', LaPlegua and Combichrist have developed into a leaner, more aggressive beast. The album kicks off with a hauntingly atmospheric instrumental Declamation, setting the tone for what is to follow: dark, stabbing synths; heavy, robotic beats; and swarming, buzz saw-style guitar sounds. Songs such as Follow the Trail of Blood (featuring Brendan Schiepatti of Bleeding Through) are baretoothed aggression; meanwhile the floor-stomping first single Never Surrender proves to be aggressively catchy, with its metronome-tight rhythm through the verses giving way to explosive choruses that are bound to pack dance floors.
Though the moods displayed in 'Making Monsters' are decidedly sinister, LaPlegua manages to portray these emotions in many different guises. Laden with hook heavy choruses, speaker-crushing beats, and LaPleguas trademark dark, aggressive vocals, this is an album that exudes honesty and the darkness that often comes with it. As Australian audiences are soon again to witness- Combichrist are THE unrelenting, malevolent force in modern industrial music.

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