• Anberlin/Copeland on a Sunday.

    6. Jun. 2007, 16:08 von musesic

    Sun 3 Jun – Anberlin&Copeland

    I went. With two friends of mine. And i think i helped Anberlin gain a new fan. I think.
    The day started with us reaching there at 3pm when the thing starts around 6-7pm. Rather surpised that no one were queueing and there weren't much people. The venue itself is a rather small place, as compared to Indoor Stadium, Max Pavilion or Fort Canning. But i guess small venues have their advantages too. It's more intimate and you can see the band real close. Like in your face.
    As we were sitting outside the venue, Anberlin & Copeland just walked past in front of us just like that. Ever get the feeling when all along you've been listening to their music, never seen them before, then suddenly they are just in front of you? But for whatever reasons or conspiracy theories i can never explain, i sat rooted to the ground and just stared in awe of what i just saw.
    The thing was pretty long. Three WakeMeUp bands, which are Vertical Rush?, March Twelve and Fire Fight started the whole support thing. …
  • A Small but Awesome Affair - Anberlin & Copeland in Singapore

    4. Jun. 2007, 12:42 von DireGirl

    Sun 3 Jun – Anberlin&Copeland
    organised by WakeMeUpMusic.

    The queue started early, but it's worth the wait.

    1. TheFireFight (local)
    2. VerticalRush (local)
    3. MarchTwelve (local)
    4. Copeland
    5. Anberlin

    Songs that Anberlin played:
    - A Whisper & A Clamor
    - Hello, Alone
    - A Day Late
    - Adelaide
    - Paperthin Hymn
    - Never Take Friendship Personal
    - The Feel Good Drag
    - Dismantle.Repair.
    - Dance Dance Christa Paffgen
    (any songs I missed? =x)

    Merch cost about S$10~20.
    The show ended off with an autograph session.
    A secret show was arranged the next day at a local club.