• great night out

    5. Dez. 2011, 1:57 von BenjiMetal

    Sun 4 Dec – Defenders of the Faith 3 had a great time will review each band and rate them out of 10

    insense - rather boring and you couldn't hear what the singer was saying - 5/10

    rise to remain - proving that there are some great british metal bands that are young, great perfromance 8/10

    ghost - very strange band, couldn't hear the vocals at first but improved as they went along, liking the satanic preacher look 8/10

    in flames - fucking amazing, wish they had a longer set though, band of the night 10/10

    trivium - great set, glad they played down from the sky, but they seemed to put no effort into playing dying in your arms 9/10

    overall a great show 9/10