• Gig diary with some pictures and things.

    31. Mai. 2009, 9:10 von ashdinosaur

    19th Sep: HIM (Anathema)

    26th Jan: HIM (Anathema)
    - It was all way too intense for me at the front, I think (typical of a Him gig), so I got out and stood at the side and met Vincent Cavanagh from Anathema when he was on his way from the backstage area to the bar, so that was nice.
    The thing about Him is that the utter hysteria of the audience ruins it a bit for me. Both of these gigs could've been so much better if more of the audience were being courteous and decent human beings to their fellow audience members instead of clamouring for Ville Valo's sweat in a cup. Having said that, that intense atmosphere also is amazing to be in the middle of.
    Anathema have a lovely cover version of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.

    6th May: Mendeed (The Red October, Big Hand, A Day Called Desire)
    - I'm not even sure I was at this, but I know I went to a gig at the Underworld and the date seems right and the bands seem familiar, so this is a guess. …