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Apr 10

Videocrash presents: DJ Yoda's 'Magical Cinema Show'

Mit DJ Yoda, Novak 3D Disco und 2 weitere Künstler in HMV Forum


Samstag, 10. April 2010 um 20:00 Uhr


HMV Forum
9-17 Highgate Road, London, NW5 1JY, United Kingdom

Tel: +44.(0)20 7428 4099


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London's premier audio-visual institution is moving to a new home, and with it taking things to the next level. With four different takes on the AV idea, by the fore-runners of music/movie manipulation, combined with a full-sized cinema screen in the distinguished Kentish Town Forum expect an evening of true progression, mad skills and hella fun! (Don't forget your 3D specs...)

Headlining the night is the world-famous DJ Yoda and his awesome AV show, utilising cutting edge DVD mixing equipment that he has been instrumental in developing and bringing his keen sense of humor to the party for a real treat; Addictive TV join the fun with their own take on movie-remixing that's been seen in art centers, cinemas and clubs around the world; 3D Disco's much-lauded set does what it says on the tin, with a fully three-dimensional clubbing experience; and DJ Cheeba's mind-blowing Serato show is more than enough to get the party started.

So you can expect to learn something new, laugh your arse off and dance 'til your feet hate you in one of London's most historic venues, with some of the most pioneering artists on the planet providing a multi-sensual partying experience!

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