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You do not require an API key to access these feeds. All the feeds here are for non-commercial use only under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. If you want to use these feeds in a commercial context you must contact partners at last dot fm first to get a separate license.

User Feeds

Recent Tracks Feed
10 recently played tracks for this profile
Recent Journals Feed
Recent journal entries for this profile
Upcoming Events
Events that a user has marked themselves as attending.
iCal RSS
Friends' Events
Events that a user's friends have marked themselves as attending.
iCal RSS
System Event Recommendations
Event suggestions from based on a profile.
iCal RSS Recommendations
System Recommendations to a user, from
New Release Recommendations
Newly-released albums recommended to a user, based on their profile.
Loved Tracks
A feed of tracks a user has loved
Reply Tracker
A feed of replies to a user's forum posts and journal comments.

Artist Feeds

Current Events
Events that an artist is marked as playing at
iCal RSS

Group Feeds

Group Journals
Journal posts recently posted to this group

Tag Feeds

Tag Podcast
A podcast made up of free tracks tagged with a particular tag.

Forum Feeds

Forum Posts
A feed of posts in a particular forum.
RSS Feeds

Blog posts
News, announcements, and peeks behind the scenes of Last.HQ.
Build posts
The latest community-built apps.
Jobs posts
Jobs currently available.