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Welcome to Last.fm’s Best of 2009, the hottest and most popular artists of the year based on your scrobbles.

We compiled the list by looking at scrobbles for albums released between 1st October 2008 and 16th November 2009. We took out live albums, greatest hits collections, EP’s and singles before pulling them together into the lean, mean format you see before your eyes.

We’ve also looked up the top tracks, month-by-month scrobbles and event attendance for every artist in the Top 40, so you can see how you fit in with the global artist listens.

So sit back, turn the volume up to 11, and get ready to salute the Top 40 artists of 2009 based on your scrobbles.

9 December Update

Ooops! An eagle-eyed commenter on our blog spotted some discrepancies with the “listener” numbers we were displaying in the Top 40, which we tracked down to a bug in our data compilation. We’ve now updated the list to show the corrected data for "listeners", which represents the total number of people on Last.fm who listened to at least one track by that artist in 2009. (Since the Best of 2009 is ordered by album scrobbles – which weren’t affected by the bug – the order of the list hasn’t changed.) Our apologies to those affected by this error.

Developers Get excited and make things

Fancy building your own tools to explore the Best of 2009? Download the latest version of the data and start hacking! The rest of the comprehensive Last.fm API is at your disposal too.

Here’s a few ideas to get you started: build.last.fm – a collection of data visualisations and tools built by the developer community; and Playground – where Last.fm developers post projects from the labs.

We’d love to know what you end up making, so post your project in this thread in the Last.fm Web Services forum.

Data Download

We’re releasing all the data that we used to generate Best Of 2009 for developers to play with. Basic data is available as a TSV (Tab Separated Value) file, and we also provide an XML file with a lot more additional data for those who don’t want to make a lot of webservice calls. If you think something is missing from this dataset and want it added, let jonty know.

With a little help from our friends Thanks!

From the 510,000 concert photos tagged by Last.fm users on Flickr in 2009, we pulled in a selection of the ones with the most "interestingness".

Best of 2009 was built using Typekit and uses Pill Gothic 300mg and Pill Gothic 600mg. Pill Gothic was designed by Christian Robertson and published through Betatype.

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