10 - MGMT – “Kids”

A giggling countdown, and it begins. “Kids” was the moment that the public began to wake up and really listen to MGMT. It's an ambiguous song, and interpretations of the lyrics have included seeing it as a post-drug comedown or as a simple lament that we all grow up, but that almost overlooks the simple pleasure in the wonderfully constructed couplets and images. Besides, the band tell us throughout the song to “Take only what you need from it”, which is a good lesson to apply to apply to pretty much everything.

Ringing with a thump and stomp many had felt was missing in New York indie, it became a club favourite from its first play, a cleanly crafted floor filler. It helped that it was one of the leanest tracks on Oracular Spectacular, the roaming synth and metronomic drum-beat carrying the full five minutes of the song's power. If there has been a song this year that makes you want to grab a glow stick and bounce up and down it's “Kids”. And that blistering scream at the end of the break-down? Priceless.

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