6 - The Kooks – Konk

British band The Kooks probably never dreamed they'd be on Tonight With Jay Leno, but just six months after releasing their sophomore record that's exactly where they found themselves, playing “Always Where I Need To Be” to audiences across America. Since then the track has leapt up the scrobble list, closing on debut album favorites “Naive” and “She Moves in Her Own Way”. Not bad for a bunch of boys that formed at college in English musical hotspot Brighton.

Konk was named after the studios the album was recorded in, owned by the legendary Ray Davies, as they felt the space itself had been a major contributor to the album's sound. It's a breakneck collection of English guitar rock, that band and fans alike feel stands against the best of Oasis, The Rolling Stones and Davies' very own The Kinks. It's not all a posturing stomp though: “Sway” found singer Luke Pritchard spilling his heart out to lover, breaking the hearts of the band's legion of female followers (and probably bringing tears to a few of the boys too).

The band have tour plans into the early weeks of 2009, and like fellow Last.fm Top Ten artists Hot Chip will be contributing to War Child's Heroes album a cover of “Victoria” by, you guessed it, The Kinks.

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