5 - The Ting Tings – We Started Nothing

“That's Not My Name” almost killed The Ting Tings before they'd even started, the ubiquity of the song nearly overtaking the sheer quality of its 'pay attention to who I am' message. Luckily those in the know, i.e. You, were able to turn to “Great DJ” and point out that the band could never just be a one hit wonder. By the time We Started Nothing came out fans were ready to see what The Ting Tings could come up with, and despite a patchy critical reception they seem to have pulled it off.

“Shut Up And Let Me Go” was the unexpected jewel in the album, a bounding romp that flew in the face of the mopey break up songs most of their contemporaries have released, while “Fruit Machine” railed against the boys who had flaunted the money to impress singer Katie White for the hollow exercise it is. Jules De Martino provided the album with an impressive range of beats and loops that kept each song unique while never overshadowing White's vocal hooks. Of course, until album number two, the band will always be known for “That's Not My Name”.

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